Tammin Sursok & Nolan Gerard Funk’s Ideal Valentine’s Day

Spectacular! stars and Nolan Gerard Funk revealed to Popstar! magazine her ideal Valentine’s Day. “A dozen red roses, a piece of chocolate cake, and watching the sunset,” the Australian actress/singer said. Watch both responses below.

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3 thoughts on “Tammin Sursok & Nolan Gerard Funk’s Ideal Valentine’s Day

  1. joanne says:

    hi… Nolan I’m Joanne I’m your #1 fan…… I love the cast of Spectacular so much…. I love Nolan Gerard Funk….. and I hope I would see you in person…… God bless and take care………bye bye..

  2. spectacular says:

    Nolan I’m Aliyah and I’m doing a movie with Tammin Sursok your old girl friend and it’s a thriller called the lost land of the people and you can contact me I working in Los Angeles and just you will be come the next Robert Patterson …….. and I’m a fan too I love your work and looks, you amazing singer!

  3. Pedro Carecho says:

    I live the film and actors.

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