Tamyra Gray Hospitalized For Ruptured Cyst

Access Hollywood spoke with ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist who confirmed that yet another finalist has been hospitalized, this time Tamyra Gray. “Yeah, she had a ruptured cyst but she’s fine,” said Christian. Christina explained her own illness last week saying, “I just got sick. I had some sinus problems the night before and then I was just weak the next day. Had a fever, dehydration and low blood pressure.”

She said she was surprised to see paramedics before Wednesday’s show. “I was sitting in the makeup chair and they were doing my makeup and I had originally asked just to see if I could have a doctor and I was waiting for a doctor to come and the paramedics showed up,” she said.

In fact, Christina asked producers if she could come back, before showtime, but it was deemed too stressful. And some are wondering whether the stress, coupled with the pressure to look good as well as sound good, is getting to the contestants. “I’m hypoglycemic I usually eat six meals a day and out there I was only eating two or three. And it’s just because of the schedule, because I’m not in control of how I eat and when I eat,” she said. “It’s honestly because we are on the go. I wasn’t eating enough. I lost too much weight that my body couldn’t handle and I got sick.”

As for the admission by Simon Cowell that he had a crush on her Christina said, “I mean, I think it hurt me.” Why? “Just because a lot of people have animosity towards him that watch the show and just want to get back to him because he is the villain on the show. He’s the mean one.”

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