Tamyra’s Mom Goes Crazy After Singing Performance

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with local resident Tamyra Gray after she grabbed more votes than anyone this week on ‘American Idol’ and moved on to the next round. Gray explained why she chose ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ by Jennifer Holliday for the competition saying her mother Rita Preston, loves it. After performing the song, Gray reached her mother by phone and “all she did was scream and then hang up the phone.”

Kelli Glover Says ‘It’s Not God’s Will’

June 21, 2002 – Access Hollywood spoke with ‘American Idol’ loser Kelli Glover following her emotional breakdown on the Wednesday show when she learned she hadn’t been selected to move on to the next round. Kelli said, “I was upset at first but then you think like, ‘Hey it’s not God’s will,’ There’s a higher being then us and you really can’t do anything about it. If it’s not your will — it’s not your will. If it’s not your time — it’s not your time. Maybe I’ll get something better then everybody else, you know.”

‘American Idol’ Losers Have No Hard Feelings

June 21, 2002 – Extra TV has another video clip on ‘American Idol’, this time talking to the losing contestants after Wednesday’s show. Surprisingly, most of them still had good things to say about Simon Cowell, including Natalie Burge who said, “It’s really tough to take those comments but if you can’t stand in the fire now, get out cause it’s hotter than ever.” Brad Estrin also had nice things to say about Simon, as the two were filmed arm-in-arm. No sign of the pouty Kelli Glover though.

‘American Idol’ Shrink Has Mr. Nasty Steamed

June 21, 2002 – The New York Post reports ‘American Idol’ keeps a psychologist on hand to help contestants deal with the rejection they encounter on the show. This hasn’t made the show’s harshest judge Simon Cowell pleased. “I think it’s all a load of garbage to be honest with you,” he told the Post. “It’s ridiculous, it’s pandering to people’s egos. They are not doing this [competition] to save the world, they’re doing it to benefit themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

‘American Idol’ Finalist’s LiveJournal

June 20, 2002 – Jim Verraros, the most controversial selection to move on in ‘American Idol’ last night has his own LiveJournal, with his last posting on June 11th. Jim writes, “I’m nervous as all hell, yet excited to blow them all away. I think that if I weren’t going to get anything out of this, they would’ve cut my ass long before. But – they didn’t. Which means they see something in me, something talented, something personable, something real. So, watch the show again, and I hope you all see the same thing.”

Tamyra, Jim And Ryan Move On In ‘American Idol’

June 20, 2002 – Tamyra Gray, Ryan Starr, and advanced in this week’s ‘American Idol’ competition. They’ll move on to the next round and you can chat with the trio on MSN later today at 1pm ET/10am PT.

Am I the only one who thought Tamyra, Kelli, and Chris were truly the most talented trio?

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