Tania Strecker Claims Guy Romance While Madonna Prego

The New York Post is reporting British TV host Tania Strecker is claiming she dated Guy Ritchie 18 months ago, which would overlap the period he was going out with Madonna.

Strecker says, “I always knew I wasn’t as important to Guy as his career. He is great, but he needs a very strong woman to get through to him. But it’s not so much he’s Madonna’s match as she’s his.”

Sings & Runs In Vegas

5, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports Madonna’s show in Vegas was just that, a show and then she immediately flew back to LA to be with Lourdes and Rocco.

missed the official nightclub parties she was scheduled to attend and she also didn’t meet the Bush twins after the show, as earlier reports had that she didn’t want them backstage because of her differences with the president’s anti-abortion stance.

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