Taryn Manning Feels Really Bad For Britney Spears

Noisetap caught up with Taryn Manning for a Q&A, asking the singer what she felt about having worked with the troubled pop tart in the film ‘Crossroads’. “Honestly, I feel really badly for her,” Manning said. “I mean, it would drive anybody crazy having that much attention focused on them – everywhere she goes she’s just… hounded! I mean, what little of that I’ve experienced… I can see how she’d lose her mind. Like, I was just out getting coffee the other day and this chick sees me and screams, in the middle of the busy coffee shop, ‘Holy sh**, you’re that chick from ‘Hustle and Flow’!!’ And I’m just like, do you really have to scream at me like that? I love hearing from my fans, but, you know, you don’t have to be a jerk about it. And that’s the kind of stuff she’s dealing with all the time.”

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