Taryn Manning Quizzed On Britney Vs. Eminem

Taryn Manning and her brother Kellin of stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday where host Carson Daly immediately quizzed Taryn not on the pair’s own mediocre music, but working with Eminem and Britney Spears. Taryn said Eminem was the more serious actor, and the one she’d most want to kiss. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Taryn, I know you worked with Britney Spears, and you were
with Em in ‘8 Mile.’ So we wanted to ask you a couple of question, generic
questions and tell me who it better suits, Em or Britney. Which artist
took acting more seriously?

Taryn: See, Britney, I told you they’d do to do to me. Who did it more

Carson: Yeah. Acting wise.

Taryn: Eminem is super focused to where it was even hard to talk to
him because he was so into the character and like wanted to do such a great
job and Britney, we had so much fun on the set. Like we were together every
day having a blast. Kidding around.

Carson: Right.

Taryn: She took it seriously though I have to say.

Kellin: I visited the set of the Britney film very often.

Carson: I have to say. I don’t blame you. Who spends more time on the
cell phone that you noticed?

Taryn: Oh, you know want to know what’s crazy, i never saw either on
their cell phone.

Carson: That’s a good answer. Who remembered your birthday this year?

Taryn: Neither.

Carson: Oh, that sucks. If you had to kiss one artist, which one would
it be?

Taryn: I’d have to say — i wouldn’t mind kissing Eminem over Britney.

Carson: That’s all right. All good.

Taryn: I do love boys.

Kellin: I wouldn’t mind kissing eminem either.

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