Taryn Manning Reacts To Criticism Over Lyrical Content

Taryn Manning of updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (March 17), apparently reacting to someone’s criticism. The singer/actress tells readers:

(BTW I don’t give a damn that everything here is spelled wrong) I just wrapped a long day on a hot movie with “content”
I don’t have time to look over my blogs and correct everything I write so…., I ramble, get with it or get off it
I gotta be on set tomorrow again for another all night shoot……so excuse my ignorance, never said I did well in school-maybe that’s why I’m a star now….hmmmmmm
I don’t need or want every song I play and write to have “content” as you say…..dancing is fun, your story bores me….heard everyone in LA’s story by now………. I’m off that. Gimme something that makes me smile…please????
whats that mean anyway? That u cant enjoy to smile, dance, be carefree??

The message has since been removed.

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