Tata Young Promotes ‘I Believe’ In Tokyo

promoted her debut English CD ‘I Believe’ on Wednesday (December 15) at Duo Music Exchange in Tokyo, Japan. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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2 thoughts on “Tata Young Promotes ‘I Believe’ In Tokyo

  1. JLo_Lover says:

    This summer, when I travelled in Malaysia, this artist was no.1 there ! Then when I went to thailand a few days later, she was no.1 there too ! And then when I went to singapore later on, she was no.1 there! I have her CD, and, its really good ! Especially her single “Sexy Naughty *****y”

  2. fayefan says:

    Tata Young=The definition of crazy. I hate that techno I believe song, but Sexy, Naughty and Bit*chy was too cool. Gogo Tata!

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