t.A.T.u. At G-A-Y

Contributed Anonymously:

I’ve never been a fan ever! ‘All The Things She Said’ is okay but other than that, they never really crossed my mind. My mate brought me along to see them at the G-A-Y club. At first, I didn’t want to go but I decided ‘what the hell?’ I went there and it was pretty cool! Drunk, sober, crazy, mellow people everywhere! It was a cool environment. Then they announced t.A.T.u. on the stage and a bunch of people got very excited! They came out and sung their new single ‘All About Us’ live and it was great!…

After that they song ‘All The Things She Said’ and ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ all live which was a pleasant surprise! It was fun watching them! They wore the same outfits as they were in the ‘All About Us’ video. It was very unique how they would interact with each other as well as the audience. They got a great reaction after every song! Someone then brought out flowers for the girls. They were very happy and surprised! They then did an encore of ‘All About Us’ which was even better than the first. Overall, the night was great and the girls looked amazing! I was never a fan but after that night, they brought me in!

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