Tatu Confess They Aren’t Lesbian, But Bisexual

News of the World has photos of t.A.T.u.’s recent tattoo session as the girls admitted to the tabloid that they are bisexual, not lesbians. “There has been something between us,” confessed Yulia Volkova, 17. “Everyone’s so sure we’re lesbianki but maybe we are bisexualki. Why not?” She and 18-year-old Lena Katina added, “We’re not virgins.” Although Yulia admits: “I generally prefer women, they are more faithful.”

Tatu Video Under Heat In The UK

February 5, 2003 – ITV banned the video ‘All The Things She Said’ from its show CD:UK this week. “We could not show the video on CD:UK because it is not really suitable for children,” producer Tammy Hoyle told the London Evening Standard on Monday. In addition, the BBC is denying that it banned the video from its weekly Top Of The Pops music show although producers say the video won’t air on Friday’s show. Instead, the show will air “better exclusive footage of the duo.”

Tatu Track Subject To Songwriter’s Lawsuit

February 4, 2003 – The Sun reports t.A.T.u.’s #1 hit ‘All The Things She Said’ is subject of a six figure lawsuit by little-known songwriter Sergey Galoyan, who claims he wrote the track. “I originally called it ‘I Lost My Mind’ and it sounds exactly like the version on the radio now,” Galoyan said. “I’m very angry about the way I have been treated because I feel cheated. It’s not about the money. I’m proud of the song and I want the recognition I deserve.”

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