Tatu Debut Reeks Of Exploitation

Malcolm X Abram of the Beacon Journal reviewed ‘200 Km/hr in the Wrong Lane’, the debut effort by t.A.T.u. Abram writes, “Despite the singers’ apparent sincerity (the CD also includes some ‘behind the scenes’ interview footage), the whole endeavor smells of exploitation. The image of a group of grown men trying to express the emotions of two girls and their forbidden love seems a bit unseemly and disingenuous. Then again, perhaps 42 minutes of carefully constructed and marketed dance-pop can help a few kids feel better about their own ‘forbidden’ feelings.”

Tatu Have A Novelty America Has Never Witnessed

January 19, 2003 – Chuck Campbell of Scripps Howard News Service reviewed t.A.T.u.’s English debut ‘200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane’, giving it a C grade. Campbell writes, “It’s safe to say t.A.T.u. has an angle America’s pop scene has never witnessed: two pretty teenage Russian lesbians who get it on with each other. That’s the novelty of the duo’s video for ‘All the Things She Said,’ where Lena Katina and Julia Volkova don school uniforms and make out in a rainstorm, their shirts clinging to their bodies. Contrived? Absolutely.”

Tatu Won’t Answer Threesome PM Requests

January 13, 2003 – Julia Volkova of t.A.T.u. checked in with fans on the Russian duo’s official forum. She writes, “I simply want to tell all our fans many thanks! All of you remarkable! We like to be on a forum and to read your amusing messages! We are very glad that you began so much but now we receive too much PMs and we can not answer all! Many of you send us messages with silly questions and unreal requests! We would not have time what to answer them! On such PMs we shall not answer! Now we shall answer only to those who sends us good and clever messages! We love all of you! Big kisses for all our fans!”

Tatu Spurs Mixed Reaction In UK

January 8, 2003 – The Sun’s Dominic Mohan had readers give their thoughts on Russian lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u. who are set to release their ‘All The Things She Said’ single on January 27th. The reaction was mixed. One guy said, “Sounds bloody great to me, Dom.” But a mother countered, “I was shocked to find that my five-year-old daughter was watching the video on TV. Ever since that day she makes her dolls kiss each other and does nothing but ask me things that she should not even know about. This video should only be shown after 9pm.”

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