Tatu Drop Lesbian Image

World Entertainment News Network reports that t.A.T.u. are working on new tracks with producer Trevor Horn ahead of their comeback at British royal Prince Charles’ London charity concert in November, where they will drop their lesbian act.

“The truth is the girls were never lesbians in the first place,” a source explained. “They feel like they were being exploited. They were only 14 and 15 when they started singing in concert halls and doing sexy routines. They still want to be controversial and shocking. They want to look and act hotter than ever before – but not as lesbians.”

Tatu Father Detained Over Tiger Cub Contraband

September 2, 2004 – Customs officers on the Swedish-Finnish border have detained Lena Katina’s father Sergei Katin after he tried to illegally transport a live tiger cub, Russian Komsomolskaya, Pravda newspaper reports. The tiger cub was meant as a wedding present to the t.A.T.u. star. Lena plans to marry her boyfriend Andrei soon. Andrei has already presented his bride-to-be with a platinum ring decorated with diamonds.

Tatu’s Julia Most Likely To Give Birth To A Girl

July 5, 2004 – Dni.Ru reports that pregnant Julia Volkova of t.A.T.u. recently did an ultra-sound screening, even though she didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. Doctors insisted she undergo the procedure, since they were concerned about the rapid increase in her belly size and weight gain. The clinic didn’t not exclude the option that Julia might be carrying twins. But the ultra-sound results should only one fetus, no abnormalities were spotted, and it is most likely a girl.

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