Tatu Not Afraid To Flop In America

Dmitry Mozheitov of Lifestyle.ru spoke with Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina of Tatu, who asked that their answers not be identified by their respective names, since they think of themselves as an entity rather than two separate individuals. Asked if they were worried their album would flop in puritanical America, one responded, “We’re not afraid of anything. Our Western partners have faith in us and we believe in our success. Having signed a contract with Universal Music Russia, we got the chance to work with the super-professionals of world show business, and we believe that with their help everything will work out.” Meanwhile, the two seem to have drawn the interest of Enrique Iglesias, as they admit, “When we were recording in London, he invited us to dinner.”

There’s Something ‘Not Fakey’ About Tatu

August 16, 2002 – Vanilla-Wall.net recently spoke with producer Trevor Horn who worked on t.A.T.u.’s new album ‘200 km/h in the Wrong Lane’, and in the past worked on ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ (The Buggles), ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ (Yes), ‘Relax’ (Frankie Goes to Hollywood), and ‘Kiss from a Rose’ (Seal). Asked if the teen lesbian duo’s ‘All The Things She Said’ accomplish something similar, he said, “Well, I mean, I’ve got absolutely no idea. But, I’m quite fond of ‘All The Things She Said’. I think it’s a nice record especially if you listen to it all the way through. It sort of grows. And, it’s good. It’s a nice record. What’s around these days is kind of a bit ‘fakey.’ There’s something ‘not fakey’ about and about what the song’s about.”

Photos Of Tatu’s Promo Tour In Poland

July 26, 2002 – Universalmusic.ru has photos of Tatu from their three day promotional trip to Poland earlier this month. The pair sold over 5,000 copies of ‘200 Po Vstrechnoi’ in the first week of release in the country, helped by them giving 10 interviews a day while they were there.

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One thought on “Tatu Not Afraid To Flop In America

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    These girls sound a little strange to me. Aren’t they like a lesbian couple who performs? I’m not saying that’s bad or anything because I have nothing against gay/lesbians, but I’ve heard they’ve gotten a little…graphic in their videos or something. Plus their audiences have mini orgies while they perform on stage…hmm, lol. Oh well, I’m not gonna judge until I hear one of their songs.

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