Tatu’s No-Kiss Leaves Kimmel Show Steamed

Brian Hiatt of Entertainment Weekly reports that have not only pissed off The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but Jimmy Kimmel Live also. “I’m so pissed off at this whole thing,” says Kimmel executive producer Daniel Kellison. “They’re lip-syncing phonies. I think ‘t.A.T.u’ might be Russian for ‘Milli Vanilli.'”

A source close to the group denies the lip synching and defended the pseudo-kiss. “The band did sing, along with using augmented vocals as many groups do,” the source says. “But it sounds like the real issue is that they didn’t kiss and Kimmel is mad. There was a lot of horndog leering about the kiss, and the girls got pissed, so they didn’t do it.” Read more.

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