Tatu’s Volkova Used to Fight Over Boys Says Former Pal

A former pal of star Julia Volkova, before she was famous, and dyed her hair from blonde to black, spoke with Pravda.

“When Julia started singing, it was a very big surprise for us,” Ira Nabokova said about her former friend. “Julia was a very capricious and scandalous girl with fair hair down to her shoulders. We often had fights with her; I even beat her up once. We spent one of our vacations in the Crimea in 1999. She would always start every day with a scandal – she would lose her tights and lipstick and so on. She would also publicly refuse to eat at the canteen, saying that it was not food, but garbage. However, the most surprising thing was the fact that, three years ago, she was afraid of going on stage!”

The story at pravda.ru has since been removed.

Tatu’s PR Director In Coma After Car Crash

Russian daily Dni reports that the PR director for t.A.T.u. is in a coma after she was involved in a car crash in Turkey. Beata Ardeeva was vacationing with a friend when she suffered the injuries. A spokesperson at Ardeeva’s office told the paper: “We can confirm that Beata Ardeeva has had a car crash but we can’t tell you any more at the moment.”

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina are reportedly very worried about Ardeeva and have sent messages to the hospital.

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