Taylor Hanson Calls Relationship With IDJ Unproductive

Contributed anonymously:

Taylor wrote on Hanson’s offical site on Sunday evening and answered some questions, giving the fans more insight into the band’s departure from label Island Def Jam. When asked about why they left the label Taylor replied: “Our relationship with Island was one that was not productive, this separation was a long time coming (hence the long album process). We are so excited to work with a label that understands what we want do to with our music, this is nothing but a really good thing. We couldn’t respond to this question for a while because we were still in the balance of negotiation with IDJ. Now you have heard from other avenues that we are no longer with them, so the answer is yes we are now free. You guys should all be excited because this is a step in the right direction. Also the documentary will tell this whole story, and it is quite a story to tell. You guys rock. Thanks, Taylor.”

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