Taylor Hanson Hits A Police Car With A Frisbee

The Hanson guys are currently doing an acoustic tour around the US, and this past Saturday (August 8) they did a show in Towson, MD (near Baltimore). While I was waiting in line for the show I witnessed this hilarious event, and I thought you might be interested in the story.

Many fans witnessed the same event, and there are a few snapshots, but probably not anything usable. This story is my own eyewitness account, and others can corroborate. Read on for the story.

Here’s the story.

The Recher is a really small venue, and the tour bus was parked outside the back all day long. The line for the show wrapped around that parking lot so there was a built in crowd of fans watching the bus all day. My friends and I found a spot across the street (which was a very small street) where we were standing on a raised sidewalk, with a metal railing, and we could really see everything really well. We spent a good part of the day just hanging out by the bus while we watched people go back and forth. Every time someone would get on or off the bus, even roadies, people would scream. and of course whenever one of the band members would walk by, people went NUTS. A lot of police cars, fans, and just curious folks were driving through that little street, just to see what was going on.

Well, of course Taylor loves to play with the crowd. Every time he came out he would smile a HUGE smile and wave at the fans. After going back and forth a couple of times, he came out and walked toward the fans, holding a Hanson Frisbee. Everyone went nuts of course. He started pretending like he was going to throw the Frisbee and people in line put their hands up to catch it.

So Taylor finally lets the Frisbee fly. It wasn’t a hard throw because he wasn’t far away, it was one of those wimpy wobbly throws. Unfortunately he still threw it a little too hard. Everyone jumped for it, but it went over their heads and into the street. For a second I thought I was going to be able to catch it from my spot on the sidewalk. But… just at that exact moment… A Towson police cruiser came slowly driving up the street. It was as if everything went into slow motion. The frisbee kind of stalled and plopped down… right on the police car’s windshield.


As soon as he realized what he did, his eyes got HUGE and he threw his hands up to his face. (according to another fan he said “Oh sh*T!!!” but I didn’t hear that). Then he turned around and doubled over laughing. Meanwhile, the cop thinks he’s being attacked by a wild Hanson mob! he’s slowing down trying to see what happened and who hit him! Taylor just took off running into the building while the crowd was laughing their heads off. I think the cop heard the laughing and figured out it wasn’t a mob scene, so he decided to take off.

I had a backstage pass, so when I met Taylor later, my first words to him were…


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5 thoughts on “Taylor Hanson Hits A Police Car With A Frisbee

  1. ymee says:

    LOL! That is a very funny story! He must have been very embarrassed, poor guy :-)

  2. ymee says:

    LOL! That is a very funny story! He must have been very embarrassed, poor guy :-) The concert was one of the BEST I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a few in my time. The idea to do it all acoustic just highlights the guys amazing talent and abilities to do it all themselves. The acoustic version of “This Time Around” was the most surprising. I always thought that the album version had lots of layers but they showed that it can be just as sonically powerful when done with just 3 instruments (keyboard, conga type drums & a guitar). Hanson is the musical future. I just know it.

  3. 3isntacrowd says:

    Hanson is by far one of the most fan-considerate bands out there. They go out of their way to show their appreciation. I was also at the Recher show and I must say that I’ve never experienced such an amazing time. Hanson are three incredibly talented musicians, singers, songwriters and entertainers. Whether they delighted us with their new material, sang a couple of Hanson oldies, covered some sweet CSN harmonies (Teach Your Children) or tore the stage up a la Little Richard (Rip It Up) – they rocked the Recher! It was nice to see a mix of ages and gender there too. If Hanson is the future of music than I think we can all let out a sigh of relief. The frisbee? Too funny! It even had his name on it!

  4. imogene says:

    That’s very funny! I was at the Recher Theatre show too. It was the first show on Hanson’s acoustic tour, and the show was amazing! I’m really happy that Hanson is back and performing for their fans.

  5. Alexis Vogel says:

    I love Taylor hanson, and I want to meet him so bad!!! He seems like an amazing guy and I would love to hug him I went to his concert once and it was on (December 1st 2007) at club infinity buffalo,NY. I was the HUGE fan with the big neon orange sign that read (taylor hanson) I LOVE HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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