Taylor Hanson’s Wedding Photos

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Photos and an exclusive interview regarding Taylor Hanson’s “shotgun wedding” to Natalie Bryant last June can be found in the latest issue of In Style magazine. The couple’s baby Jodren Ezra was born Halloween day last year.

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5 thoughts on “Taylor Hanson’s Wedding Photos

  1. sissy says:

    Taylor Hanson says he married his wife I believe him and if he did not so what leave them be they love music and so they do what they love end of story now any one don’t believe him then they are not real fans of Hanson I will stand behind them 1,000% and they love one another that’s it

  2. cris davis says:

    I have been a fan of Hanson for a very long time. I am
    now 30 with 2 kids. Taylor Hanson has always been my
    favorite. I even named my little girl after him. Her
    name is Taylor Jordan. So if nobody wants to believe
    Taylor Hanson is really married then they have a big
    problem and need to fix it very fast. He has a very
    lovely family and Wife. I as a fan will stand
    behind Taylor Hanson his family and his Brothers
    now and forever.

  3. Brittany St Aug FL says:

    Of course he’s married!! He’s a grown ass man. Still fine as hell- y’all leave that man alone. Always a fan no matter how much I get made fun of!!

  4. rachel halliewll says:

    omg i love taylor so much!! he is my fav! deffo jel of his wife, wish i coud marry him! HANSON 4 EVA!!!!

  5. rachel halliewll says:


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