Tearful Jennifer Lopez Walks Out On Cris Judd

The Sun has a photo of a tearful and single again breaking off from filming her latest film ‘Jersey Girl’. A friend of Lopez and her husband Cris Judd said, “Things have kind of fizzled out between Jen and Cris. She is one of the biggest stars in the world and he is finding it difficult to deal with. He is tired of walking in her shadow. She never really got over Puff – the whole Cris thing was done on the rebound.” Read more.

J.Lo & Judd Split, But Puffy Rumor Called ‘Bogus’

June 7, 2002 – A source confirmed the split of and husband Cris Judd to Reuters, but said reports that she had returned to Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs as “bogus”. The source said that while the two are not living together as husband and wife, they remain close. “This is something that’s been going on for awhile, but they still have a relationship,” the source said. “They’re friendly, they talk, they see each other … they’re just separated and trying to figure it out.”

Gossip To Go With Flo On Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd Split

June 7, 2002 – Flo Anthony and the guys at K104 rapped about the split between Jennifer and Cris Judd this morning. Flo says she’s heard there’s been trouble between the two for the past few weeks.

Associated Press Says Source Confirms J.Lo & Judd Split

June 7, 2002 – A source confirmed to The Associated Press on Friday that and her dancer-husband, Cris Judd, have separated. The source said the pair parted amicably and have no immediate plans for divorce.

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4 thoughts on “Tearful Jennifer Lopez Walks Out On Cris Judd

  1. mcfan says:

    Wow she’s truly a bitch. i mean, leaving your husband after 6 months is one thing but going back to your former boyfriend is another!! how trashy can she get? No wonder she has so many haters. Her personality (i.e. “I’M A DIVA DUH I DESERVE EVERYTHING) is constantly ruining her career.

  2. britfan says:

    When she got married with Cris look like a rebound relationship, because she got married so quickly after break up with Puffy. You know Puffy still in love with her, if she and Puffy get back together I think they look good as a couple. If she and Cris are not happy than why stay together. Good luck to both of them.

  3. MCRULES says:

    Jlo, needs to get it together quickly…’, ‘First of all I was a huge fan of hers, until the MC & her drama unfolded.. Jennifer is good, I won’t lie, but she’s heading for a serious breakdown, (unlike MC who needed rest that’s all)

    Jlo must realize she’s not the best and quit thinking that she works harder than everyone else. Cos she just came out in 1999, that was only 3 short years ago, it takes more than that to be there with the Greats.. (as MC hehehehe..)

    I hope she realizes her errors and continues to pursue happiness…

    MC Fan.. (South Africa)

  4. corporate says:

    I really feel bad for her fans, because you people really believed that she loved this dude. She never loved him, he was only temporary for her. However, for the people that thought she couldn’t act need to give her an award nomination for her past performances. She fooled almost everybody into thinking she was over Puffy and in love with this Chris.

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