Tegan And Sara Shoes, Designed By Emy

Sara of Tegan and Sara talks about their shoes designed by Emy for MacbethMacbeth shoes are releasing two new pairs of shoes for , including a Tegan shoe and a Sara shoe, both designed by Emy. Sara and Emy are featured in a video clip talking all about it and the process of designing the footwear.

“It’s interesting because when I was a kid I really, really loved shoes like so much, and we only got like one pair of shoes a year, and I don’t really remember specifically any pair of shoes except for a pair of Tegan’s shoes that we talked about often, they were called the purple shoes,” Sara explained. “They were a purple shoe that I don’t want to mention the name obviously because they were a direct competitor with Macbeth, who is doing this shoe. I remember she had these shoes and she’d let me wear them maybe once every six months. So that’s why (the shoes have) purple.”

Check it out below.

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