Thalia Files For Divorce From Tommy Mottola?

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According to the famous Mexican Maxime Woodside, who has one of the biggest and most credible radio shows in Mexico, Thalía filed for divorce from her husband Tommy Mottola. Everything happened in Cristina’s Saralegui’s house, where the couple was spending Christmas. Thalía had too much to drink and Tommy wanted to take her home. Both argued and after that she went alone to Aspen and he flew somewhere else. (Both were seen in Aspen but no pictures were ever published). During the months of April, May, August and September, Thalía had health problems associated with exhaustion. Read more.

Update: A source who spoke with Tommy Mottola this week tells that the music mogul and wife have been laughing about Maxime Woodside’s report about a marriage split since Christmas, but now that word is circulating and it’s being reported on Univision, he’s very serious about viewing it as libel that should not be repeated. But our source added that he’s been told the couple do argue all the time.

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15 thoughts on “Thalia Files For Divorce From Tommy Mottola?

  1. pobre_diablo says:

    Well she just realized that even Tommy can’t make her famous in America, so there’s no reason for her to be still married to that old ass.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Hmm… This so old, just like Tommy, also sounds like Thalia is pulling a Mariah, lol just kidding, Maybe she did realize that she isn’t talented and that she didn’t have to keep sleeping with Tommy so to make money. Well she’s gonna go downhill from here.

  3. thaliafresh says:

    This is what I have always been waiting for. Thank God, they’re now going to have a divorce.

  4. Hotstar says:

    Oh well there go whatever chance she had to ever have a career in the US, not that she actually had a good chance with the songs she was putting out. I bet Mariah is having a good laugh about this!

  5. Brentwood_Babe says:

    We all knew that marriage wouldn’t last long. Just as long as she was successful in the US. She wasn’t successful, so out the door she goes. Bye, bye, Thalia. We won’t miss you.

  6. Hotstar says:

    True but maybe the 4 people who bought her album will miss her, nobody else will…

  7. Maddie says:

    I’m not so sure about this yet, though. Although that’s what Mottola deserves, it sounds kind of childish to get a divorce because of that. We’ll wait and see.

  8. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    I don’t think she’s divorcing him because of that. There may have been some underlying problems that those two were having (i.e. Tommy wanted Thalia to be a carbon copy of Mariah and she was intimidated.). He probably wanted her to be the Mexican Mariah, and she simply wasn’t up to the task. A lot of people try to be like Mariah and come up short. The closest thing to Mariah out there is Christina A., and even she comes short. Mariah Carey is truly one in a million.

  9. cancrojcve says:

    Just to let you all know… this has been already confirmed as a FALSE RUMOR… Maxime Woodside is lately known as a Sodi’s wannabe, she has been talking about how close she is to Thalia’s family but they don’t even know her. The rumor started like this: In the Christmas vacation in Aspen someone took a picture of Thalia with her sister and niece but Tommy wasn’t there so the Mexican media said Thalia and Tommy were separated because Tommy didn’t liked that Thalia spent so much time with her family. Right now Thalia has to work in several projects that she started a while ago and now Tommy wants to join… her Televisa contract in 1999 was for two TV productions and this year Thalia has to return to the TV, Tommy decided to be part of it and he made the negotiations for her new TV role… by the way, its not about the money because that contract she did it in 1999 (before Mottola) and is the more expensive TV contract ever in the Latin showbiz so Thalia doesn’t need Tommy’s help. Plus she is releasing a Latin “Greatest Hits” CD/DVD on January 22 and her magazine in March… Honestly, I think the “Divorce” just gave her more free publicity… and I say free because Thalia and Tommy decided not to give interviews or stuff like that about the false divorce to avoid that “bad” publicity.

  10. Arlene says:

    Well I hope is not true. There are too many divorces out there. We don’t need another broken home. I wish them well!!

  11. Mina shiozaki says:

    Leave Thalia alone, Mariah is talented but so is Thalia. Can’t compare because they are not the same. Thalia was already famous before she married Tommy. Besides the world would be extremely boring if everyone would sing the same. If were are concern about talent, consider Adele- now that’s a beautiful voice. No comparison to either Mariah or Cristina Aguilera:::honesty people:)

  12. Mercedes Green says:

    Hey Thalia pleased do not get the mistake to get divorce is not worth it live it and have fun with the kids and their Dad that is worth more than all the money in the world forgive and forget and go on love is to forgive the more you forgive the more you have loved time go by and run away from our hands
    but while you have each other you have it all. so go on talk about how to be more happy, and survive your own mistakes there is plenty fish in the sea of course but the sea . so if you are not go on keep your heart were it is . closed to you. have a great day me to you.

  13. Mercedes Green says:


  14. henry carrington says:

    Thalia is the bestest!

  15. Joe says:

    Thalia looks like a human barbie. She has a good ?

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