Thalia Losing Momentum As Paulina Holds On Tight

Paulina Rubio 'Pau-Latina' album cover

Last week had the number 1 spot on Billboard’s latin album charts with her latest album ‘Pau-Latina’, and Thalia was at #2 with ‘Greatest Hits’. Meanwhile, Thalia had the number one spot on the Hot Latin Tracks chart with her song ‘Cerca De Ti’, and Paulina was at #2 with ‘Te Quise Tanto’. This week Paulina claims the top spot on both of these charts, and Thalia is still at #2 on the latin album chart but falls to #4 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart.

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6 thoughts on “Thalia Losing Momentum As Paulina Holds On Tight

  1. milasmine says:

    Please tell me more about these Latin acts. My husband is Spanish and we both love Shakira, Ricky Martin, Gypsy Kings and a lot of other intrumental Latin music…If this too is the kind of music you appreciate, maybe you could tell me who else to look into.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    I really like Juanes. He’s Colombian and he had a group called Ekhymosis, now he’s out on his own, and his music is really good. His album is called Un Dia Normal. (It’s more Rock/Folky) Paulina Rubio has a new CD out Pau-Latina which is great (It’s def Spanish Pop) Enrique Iglesias is really good in Spanish. And then there’s the Salsa, Merengue etc.

  3. mandysdandy says:

    How can you compare an album of previous material (Thalia’s) to a new album with new tracks (Paulina)? You are not being fair and Thalia shouldn’t feel discouraged. Its not an equal battle. I agree with the single comment but if Thalia released a brand new album than it would be interesting and fair.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    You’re right Thalia’s album isn’t a new album. I’m simply talking about the fact that Thalia’s record company purposely pushed back this release date so that Paulina and her could face off on the charts….Secondly, before the album’s release (or rather on the day of its release) there was a big commotion over Paulina showing up at Thalia’s party and that made the rivalry fire grow. As far as the single is concerned you agree so there’s no need for me to justify that. I was simply stating the fact that Paulina is still at #1 as Thalia crawls out of the top, but I’m sure she’ll be alright, she always is.

  5. milasmine says:

    I never thought about getting Enrique in Spanish, that’s a good idea. We have Shakira in Spanish and even though I only understand a little of whats being said, the music and feeling is universal. My husband plays and loves flamenco guitar and we have enjoyed going to many a flamenco music and dancing night at various places. We have loved seeing the Gypsy Kings when they come…That’s what I get for dragging my husband to fiddle nights and Natalie MacMaster concerts! If I were to go out and buy something what/who would you recommend the most!

    Just curious…What nationality are you, you do not have to answer. You have good taste in music from what I can gather. Makes me think you probably wonder why I like BSB…I’m a kid at heart and have a kid (10) who I did not want to buy Brit or Christina for (thought I love Xtina)…So I got BSB and feel in love with them myself. I’m really open minded and like anything that moves me either deeply…such as instrumental, or those who write words and music from their heart (Dave Matthews, Robert Smith, love his words) or just in a fun way…such as BSB (love their vocals), Bee Gees to AC/DC and Soundgarden. The list goes on, but I will not bore you on your Latin topic.

  6. mandysdandy says:

    Honestly I believe the media perpetuates this feud. I’m not sure if the girls have a part in this, but it is exaggerated. Both artists have a solid career and should be applauded for being successful still after being around for quite some time. But there will always be fans of each who continue to bash the other a la X-tina/Britney.

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