Thalia Will Perform At The NBA Premiere Week

Contributed by cancrojcve:

The NBA will open the 2003-04 season with four straight nights of nationally televised doubleheaders and a special performance by Latin sensation Thalia.

She has sold more than 7 million albums. Her fans stretch from the Americas to Europe to Asia and the Far East. She has starred in hit Spanish-language television shows. She’s married to music mogul Tommy Mottola. And now she’s been drafted by the NBA.

Thalia, one of Latin pop’s most popular voices, is set to serenade the Spurs and their fans in a special performance during the ring ceremony for the NBA champions. The concert, to be held on October 28 in a game against the Phoenix Suns, highlights NBA Premiere Week.

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10 thoughts on “Thalia Will Perform At The NBA Premiere Week

  1. MistySl says:

    She can take her non-singing ass home to Tommy, so he can beat her and lock her in her bathroom. I won’t watch.

  2. xtinarox says:

    Who really gives a rip about Thalia? Like how many albums did she sold in US? In order for someone to be famous, they have to get famous in US (in most cases) because if they become popular in US, they will get famous all over the world. (if they inspire people whether he/she is a artists/actor or actresses and more).

  3. cancrojcve says:

    7 millions of her Spanish albums!! her English album isn’t there… and just a few Latin artist can do that in countries where Spanish isn’t the main language, plus in Latin America the pirate CD’s are illegal so for a singer 50.000 is a lot over there.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    Her first song, was a failed attempt to sound like Jennifer Lopez and Nas in “I’m gonna be alright” in her new song “I’m in love with the one I’m with” (something like that) she says some stupid stuff like I don’t need rocks to be off the block, but yet your dumbass went and married Tommy Mottola? If he did anything for Mariah it was because she had a voice, and Jennifer was already a superstar, but Thalia sorry bitch there is no helping you. P.S. has her sorry ass ever even been on TRL, that’s how you know you’ve arrived.

  5. looker says:

    Poor Tommy Mottola he just doesn’t seem to be having any luck getting Thalia’s English language career started, oh well if only she could sing. With a little luck and if no one makes the mistake of buying her CDs we can send Miss Mottola back to singing in Mexican talk shows. The world already has one Mariah Carey and she really can sing and provides enough drama for the entire planet.

    And to cancrojcve I am American but live in Europe and spend a lot of time in Asia and nobody outside of maybe Spain knows who Thalia is. They released her first single here (in Europe) ago with a video featuring Fat Joe or Big Pun (whichever is still alive) and let’s just say nobody was feeling it.

  6. cancrojcve says:

    Thalia did an album for Asia, it was half English and half Tagalog and its double platinum. She has #1 albums in France and Greece (before the crossover, albums in Spanish)… Tommy has nothing to do with Thalia’s music career so I don’t understand why people say that stuff about her. If you don’t like Thalia then why you have to enter over here??… I mean, I know not everybody like the same things so if you don’t like Thalia then I understand but I don’t know why you have to say bad things about her. Note: I really don’t have anything againts you.

  7. nobodysfool says:

    OK listen if you are going to say stupid and non sense comments about her just shut you mouth all right? If you don’t give a damn about who is her, what does she do and I could go on and on, just DON’T COMMENT on her, she’s really talented and a nice person, she’s a powerful woman in Latin America and some other places because she is talented and she earn it by her self, so please If you don’t care, well don’t make it see it like you do.

  8. looker says:

    She must sing much better in Spanish or else Spanish speakers are deaf. I guess she sings much better in Spanish or else her Spanish speaking fans are deaf, because I find her English songs terrible, but maybe she doesn’t doesn’t have the right songs yet.

  9. JLOVER101 says:

    The woman can’t sing in Spanish either. True she’s been around forever and a day, but that’s because her followers are like the Britney fans they don’t care that she can’t sing because she has an “image” if you can call it that. And ok fine, she claims Tommy has nothing to do with her career, but she does have his best friend Emilio Estefan pushing her career, so if you think Tommy has no input then you’re obviously mistaken. Second of all, learn how to put sentences together, and spell correctly before you go ordering people what to do and not to do, because I’ll be damned if I take orders from an illiterate person on what I can post and can’t. Going back to miss TIA as Fat Joe calls her in the song, the Spanish press has been bashing her lately for trying to be J-lo. So J-Lo has a clothing line, all of a sudden so does Thalia, Jennifer has rappers on her songs, so does Thalia. Jennifer has a perfume, that’s Thalia’s next project, Jennifer cut her hair, so did Thalia, Jennifer performed at the Women’s world cup a while ago, now Thalia wants to do the NBA. I’m not hating I just think she should do her thing rather than taking Jennifer’s formula and trying to make it her own.

  10. cancrojcve says:

    She doesn’t have the right songs, that’s true… if you listen to her previous Latin albums and the crossover album you will found them very different, a huge part of the bad reviews of her English albums said that she shouldn’t have to change her style.

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