Thalia’s Marriage To Mottola Wasn’t For Fame

spoke with Entertainment Weekly and defended her marriage to music mogul Tommy Mottola, insisting she didn’t marry him to increase her profile in music. “I didn’t come up to him with a tape in my hand like, ‘Could you make me famous?’,” Thalia remarked, an obvious slight towards Mottola’s ex-wife Mariah Carey. “I was already somebody. I had a great relationship with my record company and an amazing contract. I never saw him with another agenda. I was in love.”

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19 thoughts on “Thalia’s Marriage To Mottola Wasn’t For Fame

  1. joxee says:

    Okay, you are “Thalia” when you met Tommy but you’re not a huge superstar around the globe. You’re an actress and a singer, true to that but you’re like jho. We remember you as an actress and not a singer. Maybe you did marry him for love but who knows the real score? And please leave Mariah alone and think and make a plan with Tommy how will you become more famous as a singer.

  2. YogiBear says:

    If it wasn’t for fame, then why don’t you wear your wedding ring???? Where are the babies??? Please, Thalia is a wannabe jlo.

  3. miky says:

    Mariah did not search for fame. fame searched for Mariah. the nobody Thalia needs to shut the ***** up!

  4. Ricardo_aka_RC says:

    of course you don’t have a tape with songs because you can’t sing… you are somebody where? in Latin America… but if you want to sing in English you need someone else and who? MOTOLLA…so…POW!

  5. YogiBear says:

    Your damn right the ho CAN’T SING!!!’, ‘Especially in English!

  6. MariahsMan says:

    She probably didn’t even have Mariah in mind when she said that…you know how the media is, always trying to start drama! But if she was talking about Mariah…I’m sure it’s because of Mottola’s brain-washing.

  7. Tig says:

    Let’s keep a few points in Mind, Thalia is a tramp just like J Lo. A pure slut. Does she think we can’t count, she was screwing wit Tommy while he was married to Mariah. Everyone in the business knows it. He mad Mariah stay in the house, while he flaunted Thalia at various hotels, parts of the Country. Thalia is like most low life Tramps….she stole Mariah’s Slutty Husband. And she will never, ever have the voice and fan base that Mariah has. Give it up, Thalia, you have no vocal skills. You need to stick to what you do best: Stealing Husbands.

  8. YogiBear says:

    Thalia had exactly Mariah in mind…why do you think she said and I do believe she said it. look at her, she’s Mottola’s wife, and he sure hates his ex-wife. What’s funny about Thalia is that she knows Mariah was married to him for 5 years, not two weeks. She obviously cared about his short butt. I’d divorce him, too, if he was so controlling. What Thalia also doesn’t mention is that Mariah married Mottola in her early 20’s and Mottola was already in his 40’s, and he left his wife and kids for Mariah. what kind of man would do that to his family? How many times has he been married and how many times is he going to change religions? he’s a dirtbag. Thalia knows it but doesn’t want to show it. yeah she was kind of a somebody in Latin America but she’s nobody here.

  9. Rhilee says:

    Yeah I’m sure it wasn’t even a diss at Mariah. people just trying to create drama. Tommy found her not the other way around. Stupid tabloids trying to make drama, its stupid

  10. myloveislikewo says:

    Thalia is a beautiful person. She is sweet an very generous to her people. You who say she is a slut or whatever are just mad you can’t look like her. I AM SURE you don’t know much about her cause if you did you wouldn’t say those things. And many, many, many celebs wait to have babies, especially if they are still working!. And that’s right Tommy approached Thalia not the other way around. MY GOD! Thalia had the chance to marry Luis Miguel (who is richer and more famous than Tommy) and she didn’t because she didn’t love him. Thalia married for love!. Thalia is a great person… A ROLE MODEL

  11. Maddie says:

    I’m sorry, but to the person that commented right before Yogibear: No, Thalia is not the sweetest thing that ever happened to the world, she’s a snob, stuck up, extremely conceded (?), and a fame climber. When she got married, Mexico was so upset and the press there was trashing her because her own people were saying she married for personal interest. She wanted to have the loudest wedding ever, her purpose in life is to compete with Mariah’s fame…..which is very stupid of her, ’cause it’s not going to happen. Secondly, Emilio Estefan introduce them both into having a blind date, well, this is according to her, and that’s how they met, when she found out Tommy was married to one of the biggest Divas there are, she saw big dollar signs…. she might be popular in Latin America, but being married to Mottola has certainly been a step up for her career even though she’s with a different record company, he put his management team (which worked with Mariah and Celine Dion) to work with her even Corey Rooney is writing songs for her. SO get your facts straight, Thalia is not a little angel and she has made very public with the Latin press she does not like Mariah…the envy is killing her!

  12. nickysix says:

    Sure Mexico was upset (because she didn’t marry a Mexican,…. really it was that). Mexico was upset too when J.Lo (a Puerto Rican) was chosen to play Mexican star Selena. Thalia IS a very sweet person and she is generous!. She is not the sweetest person in the world (but I don’t think the person who posted she was sweet meant that she was). AND! Mariah Carey was the FIRST one to speak about the situation. After she found out that Thalia and Luis Miguel were an item long before and that she was same girl that married her ex-husband. Why would Thalia be envious of Mariah? Really? because of Mottola? I don’t think so. And yes Emilio set them up after Tommy saw her and asked for that. It was all over Spanish t.v. I remember it well.

    AND!!! Even if she did (which she didn’t) marry for money (because it was not for fame cause she already had fame). IT’S WORKING FOR HER! SHE IS RICH!

  13. Maddie says:

    Dear Nickysix, No, Mexico wasn’t upset because she didn’t married a Mexican, it was because of the WHY she did, and also because she didn’t celebrate it there, rather in NYC, where she very well knew she could get all the press she wanted to get. Another fact is that, I’m sorry to disagree with you saying she’s sweet, I have seen her in Christina, and she’s definitely stuck up and not very humble, she thinks she’s the s!hit! I hate Luis Miguel, he’s another snob, and their thing, just as not important as it was, happened decades before Mariah, and Luis Miguel at least is a class act that won’t talk about his past relationships with no one, Mariah said that……when Mariah was asked about what she thought about Tommy and Thalia, she asked, “who?, I don’t know her”, how can she give an opinion on someone she does not know?…….last but not least, I didn’t say she was envious of Mariah because or Mottola, but her fame!!!!….LEARN TO READ…Mariah can care less about Mottola, he’s the one that can’t give her up following her around……..and if Thalia is SO RICH why couldn’t she help her sisters with money when they were kidnapped?

  14. myloveislikewo says:

    YES! Mexico was upset about her not marrying a Mexican. And her ceremony was broadcast live in Mexico so she would have gotten press anyway. Thalia doesn’t speak about her past loves either, Mariah is the one with the big mouth. As for you not seeing her on Christina, did you mean ever? Cause she has done the show about 4 times and has been in her magazine many other times. She did help her Laura and Ernestina. She was being advised by law enforcement what to do and how to do it.

  15. nickysix says:

    Maddie, First of all I was commenting on everything. Did I reply directly under your post? or did I write MADDIE? Nope! it looks to me you’re the one who needs to LEARN TO READ. Anyway, maybe you felt it was to you since you are the one who wrote, “Thalia is not a little angel and she has made very public with the Latin press she does not like Mariah…the envy is killing her!!!” ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (that is so not true… and if you didn’t mean what it sounds like you should been more specific. Anyway being envious of Mariah’s fame WOULD mean being envious of Mariah, so get your mind right!) Second, are you Mexican? I mean to be able to say so freely what Mexico thinks. I am Mexican and I know we support her. I like Mariah Carey too (she has a great voice and a good heart) but that doesn’t mean I will bash Thalia.

  16. Monarc_2002 says:

    I don’t care if Mariah was married to Tommy, because if it weren’t for Mariah’s talent as a vocalist her music wouldn’t have sold as much as it has and is currently doing. Mariah’s vocal ability has made her the international superstar that she is, and before she met Tommy she was in the midst of a record deal with Warner Bros. So don’t even go there! Second, of all J-Lo was not famous and all of sudden she slept with Motolla and she’s this over marketed who=re with no talent or taste! Thalia resembles Mariah a whole bunch, from head to toe, even though there is one Mariah and Thalia is beautiful in her own way. I truly believe that Tommy was courting Thalia back in 1996 and Mariah found out and was tired of his backstabbing ways and decided to get a divorce. MARIAH IS THE BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME!

  17. Paula Sanches says:

    I have been a fan of Thalia and has learned spanish since. I have read lots of articles of Thalia and what other mexican say of their diva. Thalia was a mistress of another married music mogul back in the 1990s at the start of her career. the name of man is Alfredo Ordaz Diaz, the producer of her first 2 albums. He died before they got married. She was around 21 at that time. Most other fans don’t know this.
    She may not have admitted it, but I am sure she would want to be a Mariah Carey. That’s why she tried to crossover.The problem always was her english and her usual refusal to sing in english. She seldom sing live and if she does she gets out of tune. Now she is with Sony.

  18. Liz Martinez says:

    sorry but Mariah ain’t any better, she was having an affair with Tommy while he was still married with his wife. I personally do not like Mariah Carey. She paraded around Sony Music like she was a god, she forgot where she came from. So she has a voice there are many, many people in the music industial that do. I remember the Sony days back in that time and she was no gem. So lets not talk about Thalia, because Mariah did it worst at least
    Thalia is still married to Tommy. So what if it was about money, that is what everyone does.

  19. Alma says:

    Both Thalia and Mariah are snobs. They are both fake as hell . I will say this … Thalia was already famous in Latin America and Mariah was nothing until she met Tommy .
    Thalia takes care of herself and Mariah is putting some extra pounds on her !
    Both are rich and y’all aren’t ! Stop the hate
    All famous people are rich , fake and they don’t give two shits what anybody thinks !

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