Thalia’s Performance At Bryant Park New York

Contributed by Maddie:

Today I went to Bryant Park to see Thalia perform on Good morning America. First I feel the need to let everyone know that I happen to like her (sometimes, though) I own several of her CDs, and unfortunately that’s they only place where she actually sounds decent, in her CDs. I caught 4 of her performances today and I feel sad to say that I was very disappointed at them, her voice was not great, now I understand why she has never done big tours, and that’s because she can’t hold a concert for 2 hours. Her voice got lost in the music, which by the way was a recording, she was singing over it, didn’t have background singers and most of the instruments were not live.

When she performed with Fat Joe, it was nice due to the fact that he worked the crowd and most people there only knew who he was, not her. People were actually asking who she was. She runs out of breath a lot so it makes her singing ability short. She also needs to gain at least 10 pounds, she looks anorexic!

Bottom line, I don’t foresee Thalia doing as good as Shakira did, she didn’t sound or look original and the American audience is a hard one to please, you need to offer something good and original to be a hit. Sad but true, she does look and sound like Jennifer Lopez.

Any thoughts, opinions, will be appreciate it.

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5 thoughts on “Thalia’s Performance At Bryant Park New York

  1. kiki says:

    I agree with the article. I wasn’t impress with that song “I want you” by Thalia and Fat Joe. And come to think of it, I think Fat Joe is stealing the show that Thalia is headlining. I listen to the whole CD and I wasn’t impress with her work. I am from Barbados which is an English Country but I knew Thalia ever since her three last albums came out, so she is nothing new to me, and she sounded pretty good on those album, especially the last one she did. Now when she is singing English I think she is losing it. I think she is trying to hard and you are right, American audience is so hard to please, and America doesn’t need another J.LO. So Thalia needs to go to her own sound she had in Spanish.

  2. myloveislikewo says:

    Well, goes to show the kind of person you are. You couldn’t help yourself, you just had to. But, this is YOUR opinion right?. Ok, respected. I still like Thalia and think she is fine the way she is.

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    well I agree that the girl can’t sing well live and on a CD track like the one with FAT joe, it sounds like she tries too hard to get the words out. Just like Jho, we will never see this girl go on a full tour in the US.

  4. SJ says:

    I told everyone this b*tch can’t sing. New technology makes her voice on her albums semi-decent. That’s what happens when you can’t really sing!

  5. NukeAshmore says:

    SEE!!???? Told you guys someone needs more than a powerful husband to make it in the business.. Mariah made it because she WAS TALENTED!! Thalia is a ***** that is bursting with envy and will never make it.

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