The 2003 Teen Choice Award Winners

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Yesterday on FOX aired their annual Teen Choice awards. Where Teens chose their favorites from different Categories. The winners included Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, *NSYNC star and many others. Read on to read the entire list.

Teen Choice award winners

Choice TV Drama/Action Adventure
7th Heaven

Choice Breakout TV Show
8 Simple Rules

Choice TV Actor – Drama/Action Adventure
David Gallagher (7th Heaven)

Choice TV Actor – Comedy
Ashton Kutcher (That ’70s Show)

Choice TV Sidekick
Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show)

Choice TV Actress – Drama/Action Adventure
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Choice Breakout TV Star — Male
George Stults (7th Heaven)

Choice Breakout TV Star — Female
Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules)

Choice TV Reality
American Idol

Choice Reality/Variety TV Host
Ashton Kutcher (Punk’d)

Choice Reality Babe
Paula Abdul (American Idol)

Choice Reality Hunk
Ashton Kutcher (Punk’d)

Choice Greatest Reality Moment
Justin Timberlake’s tax repossession (Punk’d)

Choice Grossest Reality Moment
Eating squid guts (Fear Factor, Miss USA Edition)

Choice Scariest Reality Moment
When Ruben made the bottom three (American Idol)

Choice Reality/Variety TV Star — Male
Ruben Studdard (American Idol)

Choice Reality/Variety TV Star — Female
Kelly Osbourne (The Osbournes)

Choice TV Comedy

Choice TV Dating

Favorite TV Personality
Simon Cowell

Choice TV Actress – Comedy
Jennifer Aniston (Friends)

Choice TV Late Night

Choice Music – Female Artist
Kelly Clarkson

Choice Rock Track
“Bring Me To Life” — Evanescence

Choice Music – Single
“Sk8r Boi” — Avril Lavigne

Choice Music – Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
Jennifer Lopez

Choice Music Hook Up (collaboration)
50 Cent / Nate Dogg (“21 Questions”)

Choice Love Song
“Crazy In Love” — Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z

Choice Rap Track
“In Da Club” — 50 Cent

Choice Music – Rap Artist

Choice Music – Rock Group
Good Charlotte

Choice Music – Male Artist

Choice Music – Album
Young & the Hopeless — Good Charlotte

Choice Breakout Music Artist
50 Cent

Choice RnB/Hip Hop Track
“Like I Love You” — Justin Timberlake

Choice Summer Song
“Crazy in Love” — Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z

Choice Summer Tour
Justified and Stripped

Choice Movie – Drama/Action Adventure
The Matrix: Reloaded

Choice Movie Actor – Comedy
Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty)

Choice Movie Actress – Comedy
Queen Latifah (Bringing Down the House)

Choice Movie Villain
Colin Farrell (Daredevil)

Choice Movie Hissy Fit
Adam Sandler (Anger Management)

Choice Breakout Movie Star — Female
Hillary Duff (The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

Choice Movie – Comedy
Sweet Home Alabama

Choice Movie – Horror/Thriller
The Ring

Choice Movie Actor – Drama/Action Adventure
Eminem (8 Mile)

Choice Movie Actress – Drama/Action Adventure
Jennifer Aniston (The Good Girl)

Choice Movie Liar
Leonardo DiCaprio (Catch Me if You Can)

Choice Movie Liplock
Reese Witherspoon / Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama)

Choice Movie Chemistry
Paul Walker / his car (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Choice Breakout Movie Star — Male
Eminem (8 Mile)

Choice Movie Fight/Action Sequence
2 Fast 2 Furious

Choice Summer Movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Choice Male Hottie
Ashton Kutcher (should be justin in my book)

Choice Male Athlete
Kobe Bryant (basketball)

Choice Comedian
Jim Carrey

Choice Fashion Icon — Male
Ryan Seacrest

Choice Crossover Artist (Music/Acting)
Mandy Moore

Choice Fashion Icon — Female
Jennifer Lopez

Choice Female Athlete
Serena Williams (tennis)

Choice Video Game
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Choice Female Hottie
Beyoncé Knowles

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11 thoughts on “The 2003 Teen Choice Award Winners

  1. lopez_lover says:

    Woohoo! Jennifer got 2 awards ! Great, you rock girl !!! :D Go J.Lo! no Scary Mariah here ? lol

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Wow, Christina and Justin won. It’s really the tour of the year, there’s no doubt about it. LMAO @ Britney, thank God she didn’t win. I think she’s really over or should I say a has been? And Lopez_ass_sniffer Mariah fans are not only teens, grown ups like her more than JFLOP! HAHAHAHA!

    And to all the haters, you guys shouldn’t be talking cause at least Clay is doing something positive in his life, helping people. Maybe you should try it instead of spending all your time on popdirt bashing him. Wow, popnicklover, are you eating less or naturally insane? Your mind is so overloaded, that makes you a hypocrite I guess? By the way, I really like this line of yours (this is my favorite part) instead of spending all your time on popdirt bashing him.

    Aww, a teen choice award makes Lopez_lover jump up and down. MOST IMPORTANT AWARD IN MUSIC- THE GRAMMY AWARDS Mariah Carey= 3 Grammys JFLOP= 0 Additional awards for Mariah: Artist of the decade, Billboard awards. MOST IMPORTANT AWARD IN MOVIES- THE ACADEMY AWARDS Mariah Carey= 0 JFLOP= 0 Looks like JFLOp hasn’t accomplished anything yet, huh?

  3. popnicklover says:

    Ugh…Justin won too many awards! But then again it’s the “Teen Choice Awards”. “Teen Choice”=”Teenyboppers” Go figure. Oh well, let’s just say MOST of the winners deserved to win…others (besides JT) who didn’t deserve to win, I shall remain nameless.

  4. lopez_lover says:

    Scary Mariah is a LoSeR hahahaha

  5. Misty83 says:

    Go Sarah Michelle! It’s about fu**in’ time she got some recognition for Buffy!

  6. XTremeKaos says:

    Yay to Eminem, Evanescence, Reese Witherspoon, and Mandy Moore! Not to mention Leonardo DiCaprio. CMIYC was a great movie and he’s so hot. lol Great actor.

  7. ash6969 says:

    Yay for SMG and Avril!! I always said sk8er boi was a classic!

  8. bsbandaaroncrazed says:

    I can’t believe Justin and Christina won. That is great. I can’t wait to see them on tour now. I’m seeing them on the 24th of August in St. Paul, MN. The last day of their tour!

  9. Daz76 says:

    Congrats to Christina and Justin! That concert is the bomb, I went to see Christina at the Staples Center and she was awesome!

  10. RoxyQuik says:

    Justin Should’ve so won choice male hottie!! never mind there’s always next year I guess!

  11. dru27 says:

    Congrats to my dirrty girl XXX-Tina, she deserves the award! F*** Eminem, 50 Cent & Avril they all sucks p****!! That’s the main reason I never watch TCA, the winners sucks so bad that I wish Elvis was still alive!! F*** JHoe f*** J Hoe that motherf***** sucked d**** backstage to get that a** s*** award. But I guess we all know who deserves them. Mariah’s “IKWYW” deserves that f****** award

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