The 2004 VMA’s Were… Not Good

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I think this year’s VMAs might have been the worst ever or maybe the worst in the 6 times I’ve watched it (from 1999-2004). I thought the idea of musicians in Miami for the VMA’s would be sexy, and arriving on yachts no less, but there were seriously like no one. I’m not a fan nor am I against her, but if she’s at a venue let’s be honest, the occasion seems a lot bigger even if it’s the VMA’s which are a big deal to start with. didn’t come either.

I’m a huge fan of hip hop but that’s all there was. It was hip hop and a little bit of rock. I miss the good old days when Britney and Justin were sitting together and Beyonce and Jay-Z were. He’s a great rapper (but to ME, he’s really painful to look at). I love Beyonce, but she looked a mess last night! Anyways though, I’m not stuck in the past in anyway, but I like to laugh when I watch award shows, and the fact that 2003 had SHOCKS AND SURPRISES, was star studded and had a host was good.

The VMA’s were (up until last night) known for artists acting unpredictable and that’s kind of something I’ve always admired about musicians. I’m not saying artists have changed but the VMA’s were just… bad. I mean, I like Usher but why did he need to start off the show? There was nothing about his performance that made me feel like the VMA’s had “started”. Again I am honestly not a Britney fan who worships every move she makes, but I think she should have won something last night.

Beyonce won best female video last year, and No Doubt always wins in the categories they’re in with Britney. Toxic was a great video, it really was. I anticipated the VMA’s all week, I watched the VMA uncensored, VMA scandalicious, VMA Cribs edition, and it was all hype for the worst VMAs I’ve ever seen. Let’s get a host next year. Let’s give Britney a VMA (hopefully “It’s My Prerogative” will be nominated).

Christina won’t perform with Nelly again. Alicia Keys will win again. Jay-Z won’t be there (98 Problems), Beyonce will be nominated with Destiny’s Child and she won’t look like a disappointment, Justin will be there and he will beat Usher in whatever category for what Usher said last night and the show will just be a lot better.

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