The Airparty Hollywood Halloween

joined her Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden and sister Haylie at The Airparty Hollywood Halloween on Sunday (October 30) at Henson Studios in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

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3 thoughts on “The Airparty Hollywood Halloween

  1. BritneyRules4Ever says:

    The ugly coke whores unite!

    They have like no friends except each other. They look ugly.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    i’ll do something different this time and make the first comment for you RPL. ^

    what about benji?? he was there as joel’s date. and he’s got two new tattoos.

    go ahead and look at the pictures then copy me and say benji has new tattoos like you always do twisted. here’s an early fu** you for it since I know you’ll do it. fu** you twisted!

    that’s one ugly mask Hilary is wearing.

    who was Hilary supposed to be with that red wig?? Lindsay lohan?

    i wonder if Hilary will want to grow her hair out and dye them red now like she did after she wore that short black wig.

    what’s Joel supposed to be? a twink?? ironically enough, he looks like he belongs in an old silent movie. I bet Hilary made him dress up like that to prove her point.

    how was that popstar? I tried for you. thanks for sending this in and giving me the opportunity!

  3. twistedpsykko says:

    hey look, benji has new tattoos. there, happy ihatehilary?

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