The Backstreet Boys Return, Pledging Undying Love

Jon Pareles of The New York Times was on hand for the Backstreet Boys concert at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night (July 27). Pareles writes, “Unlike *NSYNC, the rivals who surpassed them, Backstreet Boys have neither an obvious leader nor a need for self-expression; [Brian] Littrell, the Boys’ most prominent lead singer, is no Justin Timberlake, and the group very rarely has a hand in writing its songs. Where *NSYNC chose to keep up with the leaps and quirks of R&B, Backstreet Boys prefer marchlike pop anthems that pledge undying love.” Read more.

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7 thoughts on “The Backstreet Boys Return, Pledging Undying Love

  1. RobScott says:

    That’s because they have little to no talent other than crooning.

  2. galleta says:

    He is right Brain is definitely no Justin. One Brian can actually sing. And although Nsync did sell 2 million records in one week a very impressive thing to do, BSB have sold overall more records world wide than they have. And I for one like love songs but what is that non-sense about Nsync being R&B… Justin went more urban on his own but Nsync was never R&B. The two groups had the same writers, and BSB along with Nsync wrote some of their own songs.

    What is wrong with love songs. Why do ppl seem to dislike love songs so much. . Although, I don’t know many BSB songs that are love songs actually. But music should be fun, singable and make you happy. Why does it have to be depressing or derogatory towards women? I’m glad to have a group back that actually can harmonize and can sing clean songs that are fun and enjoyable to listen to. And a group that makes videos without hoochie mamas in every frame. Say what you want about BSB, most of arguments against them are silly and unfounded anyway. I for one am glad they are back.

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Someone needs to tell that critic that *NSYNC has been over for years.

  4. Smile says:

    I feel the only mistake the BSB made on this new record is not putting more of the songs they wrote on it. It’s the main thing people complain about. Which doesn’t make sense to me because they have written many songs over the years. Just because they might not be on this record, doesn’t mean they don’t write. After all, “Never Gone”, the title song to the album was written by Kevin and he also played the piano on the song. Brian does have a better voice than Justin – no doubt about it. Justin went more R&B, but Nsync really didn’t. The only R&B song I remember them doing was the one with Nelly. But maybe I missed the rest.

  5. aussiechik86 says:

    Ok I think these people who write articles about the two band comparisons need to let that go. Yes there is 5 in each band and yes they had the same manager (and even though switch labels still the same manager) and yes they were based in Florida, but come on they each have there own shining moments. Now in Australia they both have only had 1 number one (i’m only counting the groups #1s) and had sooo many number 2’s. But with each band over here they have there own little niche if you will. BSB is more accepted for their hardcore ballads because lets face it they just hit you right there lol. Now NSYNC is accepted for their fast paced songs cause they rock. When each does the opposite they are successful just not as much as if it was sung by the other. They are 2 different groups so why don’t we just leave it at that. This is from both a NSYNC and a BSB fan and not meant to PO anybody.

  6. galleta says:


  7. aussiechik86 says:

    lol y thankyou I’d like to think so. I’m a NSYNC fan first and foremost but was converted to bsb by my sister cause that was “her” band (man the hell that was our house lol) but as I said I like each for there own thing.

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