The Bloodless War

Why do we battle it out over our favorite pop performers? As a keen observer of human nature and having spent some time on this site now, let me present a hypothesis.

As we the public made them famous, it would follow that these people embody our dreams, musical inclinations and ideals- the essential role of an idol which has evolved but never truly changed throughout history. Accordingly the rules have therefore stayed the same.

In other words, if not one of the initiated you are consigned into the category ‘unbeliever’.

This presents a significant problem on websites such as this. Safely hidden behind a computer screen it is easy to say exactly what a person wants but would be more unlikely to do face to face. Why? Because discrimination is generally frowned upon in civilized society.

Of course that doesn’t apply on the net. Angsty tweens are counted equal amongst other anonymous users and prejudiced adults can share their jaundiced views of the world without getting in trouble.

The result: Unbalanced opinions clash. Who is better, or Christina Aguilera? The answer is as immaterial as is Islam vs Judaism. We as human beings constantly need to justify who we are and we feel threatened ourselves when our favorite star or our beliefs are being brought down as we made them part of ourselves. So we hit back and the vicious cycle is perpetuated. It becomes war. Bloodless, but still war.

Now imagine we were all face to face. Would we start throwing stones?

Your thoughts?

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