The Click Five Surprise Backstreet Boys

The Click Five vocalist and drummer Joey Zehr spoke with Buffalo News in a Q&A, where they were asked if there were any cool stories from their tour with the Backstreet Boys. “The last show with Backstreet Boys, they have that song ‘Just Want You To Know,'” Dill explained. “And that video, they dressed up all ’80s and stuff. So we talked to the people on the tour, and I think basically everyone knew but the guys. We were up on these tiers above the stage where all this fire and streamers go off from, and during that song we sorta came down in this V formation thing. They were really caught off guard by it. I remember Nick (Carter) just stopped and was like ‘What the-?!’ but they all got really into it; I remember, like, Brian (Littrell) especially was getting really into it.”

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