The Comeback Of A Lifetime

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As a another month comes to a end, we are a month closer to the comeback of .

Britney has been looking better than she has in a long time. Her dancing has paid off as she has those abs backs as recent pictures show us. In simple, shes coming back.

After the whole rehab and shaving all her hair off, many people said that she would not make a comeback. she did her stint in rehab and has come out a better person. She has cleaned up her act and now the world is waiting.

Will she be able to make a comeback? Will her record be critically acclaimed or receive bad reviews? Will her record sell more than her previous effort ‘In The Zone’? These are the questions that will soon be answered. But if anything goes by the producers that are helping her… we are in for a killer record.

Everyone is waiting.. fans and haters.

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