The Continuing Decline Of Madonna

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Nominated for five awards, she ended up going home with none. Yet another setback for Madonna. She even lost in the fan-driven Viewer’s Choice category — proof that young people do not know who she is. And what a major setback! — the MTV Video Music Awards was her final chance to stage a huge comeback. But ooops! . . . she blew it again. We say major because MTV was her last “stronghold” (if ever she still has one, that is). Radio has officially and definitively shut its doors to her. MTV was the remaining venue where loyal and devoted fans could still see her — but alas! — this too is now gone.

The younger, fresher, edgier, more famous — and definitely more talented — artists who sideswiped and dragged Madonna to the Hall of Has-beens last night is another thing to consider. The performers and names last night are reminders that it is a totally new era now. Music has changed a lot in the last ten years (ten years because it is already ten years since Madonna last had a major radio and MTV hit). Unfortunately, Madonna has no more place in this new landscape. Her name means nothing anymore.

Radio has hung up on Madonna. Now MTV. Reality TV has been good and kind to has-beens and aging once-stars. Madonna should really consider it seriously.

Madonna Tour Outfits To Be Auctioned For Charity

August 31, 2006 – Closer magazine reports Madonna will auction off her designer stage outfits to raise money for an AIDS charity. “She has pledged money to AIDS charities since the beginning of her career,” a source explained. “She’s thinking about doing it through eBay, or maybe an auction house in London.”

Madonna Won’t Slow Down

August 31, 2006 – Madonna tells Neil Sean of Sky News that even after turning 48, she has no intentions of slowing down. “I basically see no limits to what you can achieve,” the Material Girl explained. “Why would I not want to make more music? I love it and so do my fans.”

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4 thoughts on “The Continuing Decline Of Madonna

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    The Continuing Decline Of MOOriah’. She wasn’t even considered, no one cares enough to even think about giving her an award. And why start now? Dumb whore has been ignored for 16 years and is still crap. MOoriah will probably never have a VMA award, whereas Madonna has the most awards for any artist. Sorry Divinah, you lose. As usual.

  2. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Great article. Last night’s show was proof that times have changed and it’s not 1986 anymore, but 2006 where a whole new generation of singers have overtaken the music industry. Madonna is now in the category of people like The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsting- people who were once huge in the past, but any new material they release never does as well as when they had their heyday. I don’t know why this old woman pushing 50 keeps trying to act like she’s young and hip again. Even Bruce Springsting, the Rolling Stones, and Tina Turner have accepted that they aren’t spring chickens anymore and have accepted that this is a new generation. She just keeps embarassing herself.

    Face it- times have changed and the kids of today don’t want to see videos of a woman old enough to be their grandmother dancing around in leotards. And that’s the truth. Don’t worry though- maybe at the European (Third World) VMA’s where people like the US leftovers they’ll toss The Corpse a bone.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    First off you seriously have no life and are clearly obsessed with Madonna. You are just so threatened that Madonna is and always will be more successful then Mariah. Get over it.. they aren’t anything alike and Madonna has global appeal Secondly.. Madonna wasn’t even nominated for Viewers Choice so… you are clueless there. Madonna has the most VMA wins and nominations of all time with 19 wins and 75 loses. The point is that she is still acknowledged after 23 years of her career. I hate to go tit for tat but Mariah has never won a VMA.. so you whole argument is moot. Thirdly the M in MTV is always said it stands for Madonna. They are always behind her.. so she lost this year big deal she was still nominated 5 times. Like Gwen Stefani with the Grammys last year she went 0 for 5.. she was still nominated and obviously they acknowledged her musical work. You need to get a life outside of slagging Madonna.. you are clearly have your head in the clouds because nothing you ever say ever holds any validity.

  4. Marie says:

    This fake and talentless diva is done,finally.

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