The Current State Of ‘American Idol’

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So, I’m a little bored, I must admit, and I decided I wanted to write an essay in the style of popfan_23’s essays, but this time about the potential American Idol hopefuls.

Let’s begin by talking about Anwar. Anwar is a soft-spoken, outed individual, with an average at best voice. Even though he is a music teacher, and his high notes are usually very in tune, his lower register isn’t as good, and his performances are often drab. He shouldn’t make it into the top 3.

Now onto Anthony Federov. He really has had a consistent problem with song choice. He might easily have the best instrument out of the male contestants, but he chooses songs that are either not challenging enough, plain boring, or not suited for his voice.

Scott Savol – Why is he still in this competition? I’ll admit, when he first started out he had a voice that stood out. He lacks the stage presence of some of the other hopefuls though, and the charisma of some of the past idols. (e.g. Ruben Studdard) His song choices are dreadful, and his attitude is repulsive. The fact that he was previously arrested for beating his girlfriend in no way adds to his appeal.

Vonzell – Undeniably my favorite contestant of this season. She’s a true underdog story, when she first started out, she was visibly uncomfortable. Then she did the unthinkable, she nailed a song!!! How on earth did she pull that? That obviously gave her the confidence to continue challenging herself, and her stage presence, wardrobe choices, personality and that voice will definitely carry her on to the top 3.

Constantine Maroulis – Love him, no more words needed. Just kidding, he has a presence about him. Even though he may come off as arrogant at times, and definitely self-centered, he’s still likeable. He has an addictive quality about him, and the fact that he never compromises his style for that of the song he chooses will win him a lot of votes and put him through to the top 3. Where he once seemed to be second in line to Bo, the pages have obviously turned.

Bo Bice – starting with the ridiculous stage name, his lack of charisma, and his attitude this week when they announced he was in the top 3, I will be genuinely shocked if he ends up in the top 3.

Carrie Underwood – aka Country Girl – the fact that no one really knows her by her real name is not a good sign. She has a good voice, but it’s not the best. She does, however, have a very widespread appeal. She owes her success to the girl next door image, she has the air of a Kelly Clarkson, but with a much wider appeal because let’s face it, country sells. She could easily win, and sell tons of records.


Top 3: Vonzell, Carrie, and Constantine

Hoping for: Vonzell or Constantine to win

Will probably win:

There, I said it!

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