The Deal About Christina Aguilera Sob Stories

Contributed anonymously:

I read this article by another anonymous that was bashing and saying how irritated they are of Christina’s “sob stories”, and I read some post by some people and noticed how naive and ignorant some of you were! I wanted to write this in an essay instead of posting it in the same essay. Well, here I go.

First of all, how dare some of you claim that somebody doesn’t remember anything at the age of 4? Everybody is different; everybody’s mind absorbs things in a certain way where they remember a whole lot about the past, or barely any at all. Especially when it comes to abuse at an early age, many people might choose to forget about it and block it from their memory as they get older, and some still hold the memory and remember it more as they grow older. Now, I saw some of you defending your opinion that Christina can’t possibly remember that much about her abuse at 4 by saying how your friends couldn’t remember that they were abused at 3, 6, 9, whatever.

Well, what facts or proof do you have that says that one person that can’t remember their abuse at 6 means that every single person in the world can’t possibly remember their abuse at the same age or an even younger age? I mean c’mon, stop being ignorant and just be more realistic here. You have no right to say that somebody can’t remember their abuse at a certain age because:
1. You weren’t actually there, you don’t know the extent of their abuse or how it affected them at that certain age,
2. You don’t know how their mind works individually, believe it or not everybody has a different way of defending their emotions from abuse, keeping it private, or letting it all out. Just because you or your friend can’t remember that they were abused at 3 or 4 doesn’t mean that other people can’t either.
3. You don’t know if Christina or anybody is talking about their abuse when they were 4 through another resource, like a family member or friend, or through what they actually remember.

So anyways, some of you need to seriously grow up and realize that everybody is different when it comes to remembering what happened in the past. I think some of you just wanted to make an ignorant remark because it’s Christina. To you Britney fans, I bet if Britney said about how she was abused at age 3 and 4, and how she could remember every little detail, you will be going, “Aww I so feel her,” and all that, but with Christina you just call her a liar. Enough with that, it’s starting to get old. I’m done.

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