The Difference Between A Real Star & One Popdirt Members Create

Contributed anonymously:

By now I’m probably recognized for my essays that are, “negative,” toward popdirt’s participants, so why not add another one to the list.

I’d really like to know where all you people who claim Mariah Carey’s voice is studio magic get your information. Are you in the studio with her? Have any of you actually gone and seen her perform live!?! Yes, she occasionally lets the back track take over but often times she’ll sing embellishments over it playing around with her whistle register or occasionally going real low admitting a rich beautiful tone. She DOES have a 5 octave vocal range, (A2-G7) and she can still use it! The Charmbracelet World Tour was proof of that.

Another woman who is often criticized is Britney Spears. It’s true that she often lip syncs live, but it’s to preserve the quality of her music. It’s very hard to sing well while dancing. (I know from experience) That’s why Beyonce always lip-syncs most of Crazy in Love.

On to Jennifer Lopez, a lot of you see her as untalented, yet she’s made millions while you’re still sitting in front of your computer. She’s not fat either. She has a large butt that’s it. Her stomach’s flat, her face is thin, & she’s got gorgeous well-sculpted thighs.

Oh, yeah, Mariah isn’t a cow or a monkey she is, “ The Best Beach Body,” though. Do you really think that Star Magazine was the best selling issue ever because of nasty old Jerry Hall? She hasn’t had a boob job either. If you compare her profile now to any photo from 1990 they’re the same size. Also she has no scars. Making it impossible for her to have had implants put in.

Well now it’s time to criticize each other and myself like always, so “Let The Battle Begin”! Have Fun! =)

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