The Difference Between Real Pop Stars & Paris Hilton

Contributed Anonymously: First of all, Paris Hilton has no credibility as a pop star and will never get bigger than Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. Let’s start by looking at how the two already pop stars entered the business. and Christina Aguilera actually worked their way up the ladder. Even if you aren’t a fan, admit it. They did a lot more for their careers as children than Paris ever did. Now, let’s look at how Paris got to the top. Hilton name, leaked porn tape, forcing people in clubs to listen to her music. Hey, she’s even racist (as seen in her leaked video). Definitely not cool on my list, and last time I checked, I don’t remember Christina or Britney calling anyone a n*****. Yeah, making porn videos must have been really hard work, Paris.

Troubles For Paris Hilton’s Musical Debut

May 3, 2005 – andPOP reports that Paris Hilton has been having troubles putting together her debut album. The heiress contacted Le Tigre, Black Eyed Peas, and *NSYNC’s JC Chasez – and all turned down a chance to collaborate with ‘The Simple Life’ star. Lil Jon has agreed to producing a few tracks for the album, which still doesn’t have a title or release date.

Paris Hilton Causes Stir At Us Weekly Party

April 18, 2005 – New “Simple Life” partners Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart passed and her sister Haylie at the Us Weekly Young Hot Hollywood party in Los Angeles the other night near the “swag suite” and muttered, “Ewwww,” just loudly enough for the Duffs to hear. Hilton also stayed away from party host Jessica Simpson, after she allegedly spread a rumor to that Simpson wanted to have sex with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake to Us writer Ken Baker.

Christina Aguilera And Paris Hilton: Bad And Ugly

April 5, 2005 – Christina Aguilera’s flesh-baring commercials for Skechers have been voted the worst ads of the year by the Advertising Women of New York. The organization, which promotes women in the industry, will stage their Good, Bad and Ugly Awards in New York City on Tuesday. Aguilera gets the Bad Award for spreads, which include a sexy nurse, a schoolgirl and a police officer. Paris Hilton will receive the Ugly Award for her topless Guess Jeans campaign, which shows a large snake encircling her torso.

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