The Donald: K-Fed Is ‘Fantastic’, Britney’s ‘A Mess’

Donald Trump sounded off to CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ about and Kevin Federline, and how he’s changed his tune on K-Fed since the rap upstart called The Donald his hero. “I was really attacking him because I have a radio show that’s a very successful show,” he explained of his K-Fed barbs. “You know it’s like a Paul Harvey 60-second deal, the Clear Channel. They’re great. They set it up in my office and I do it. And, I was attacking him and then somebody said, because, you know, I didn’t, he was right for her in all fairness. Hey, look what happened to her, she’s a mess. So, what happens now is I heard the other day that his all-time hero is Donald Trump. So, now what I said, ‘I think he’s a great guy. He’s fantastic.’ You know when somebody likes you, you say ‘Hey.’ So, I totally changed my mind. I think Kevin Federline is fantastic.”

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