The Exact Point Of Having This Forum

Contributed anonymously:
Since it is now a ‘Holiday Season’, let me jive away from the current bashing and concentrate on reminding everyone about the entire sense of participating in this forum (note: to all the readers don’t remind me that I waste my time posting here because I reply in this forum only during free time)

This is a forum-a meeting of opinions, information and everything relevant today. In a forum, it is good to have diversity.
I would just want to emphasize a few points: (You may agree with me or not)

1. This isn’t an ‘Exclusive’ U.S. board but a worldwide one (in sense). No one can deny that this forum reaches all corners of the globe accessible through the web. It is really discriminatory for some members to ‘disregard’ worldwide opinions/facts submitted from other countries. Their comment is that the only opinion that matters is the “American” one.

2. This is a ‘Free’ message board. Anyone can discuss anything. Musicality, sales, gossip etc. are all topics that interest different groups of people. It is not childish to express one’s conviction & no one monopolizes the concept of what is appropriate or what’s not.

3. This is the ‘Main Point of the Essay’:

“It’s really about US not THEM (celebrities)”. I emphasize that we participants are the ones who really benefit from this free forum for it is our opinions that matter here-not the celebrities. It’s the privilege of anyone to defend or criticize any celebrity visible in the media. In my case I like certain artists-and I defend them in this forum. I’m aware that they don’t even know me and I don’t care knowing this for it’s my opinion that counts here.

I was influenced by these artists (e.g. Madonna, Janet, Britney etc.) & I had been emotionally uplifted by these artists in my hardest times. To me it’s insensitive for others to say to anyone that they are irrelevant to their idols & therefore it’s a waste of energy/time posting in this forum. People are different from each other. Some people like me feel it’s right to defend his/her own inspiration as a gesture of ‘gratitude’.

It’s really a ‘personal thing’ for me & all other fanatics out there (Many feel happy defending a person they truly believe in). That’s the same with me whether that person is a close friend, relative or media personality. It doesn’t even phase me even if I know that doesn’t care or acknowledge my posts-because it isn’t “the thing that matters to me”

What’s important is that in our every day lives we are being uplifted or inspired to ‘greater things’ by this artists & in the end that’s what really counts.

To all fans out there it’s good to keep the spirit of liberty alive. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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