The Firm Confirms Mandy Moore Press Release Was Phoney

The recent press release regarding parting ways with manager Jon Leshay are false,as reported by Moore’s label/management The Firm. Moore has recently been in the studio recording new music for her latest release slated for Spring 2007 and has two movies set for early 2007 release.

Within the last few years, there has been a website, mandymoore*****.com, which has claimed to be her official website, and have been posting fake press releases on Mandy Moore’s behalf. Mandy Moore is not affilated with Mandymoore*****.com to any form. This fake official website has falsely and illegally posed as Mandy Moore, by spamming websites online, including her MySpace page,her official website, and have tried on many occasions to fool the public, along with her fans by trying to gain publicity.

Mandy Moore and The Firm advise everyone not to believe any press releases, or reports that come from Mandymoore*****.com as their affiliation with Mandy Moore is false. Any and all updated news, that is accurate, will come from Moore herself, The Firm, or the following online resources listed below:

along with other various news sources that are posting accurate information released by Moore, or The Firm.

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