The Flaws Of Britney Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

I just wanted to clear something up about fans who assume that it’s always the media’s fault that Britney gets more negative attention than positive attention. Some of you seriously aren’t getting the point. 1) None of us are saying that she has a careless heart and doesn’t do charity, that is not the point. 2) None of us are saying that she has no right to marry and start a family. 3) None of us are saying that she’s a cruel and nasty person. So please, stop overlooking things and actually read the comments that you are reading. The point that most people are trying to make is that Britney’s flaws are the reason why she gets negative attention. You guys are always getting mad at the media, while it should be Britney that you should be mad at.

First of all, answer these questions for me:

1) Does the paparazzi dress her up every morning?

2) Did the media hook her up to be with a taken man?

3) Did the paparazzi get the footage of Britney’s private life, and put words in her mouth?

4) Do the pictures lie?

5) Are they responsible for every publicity stunt that she did?

6) Did they force her to have two marriages in one year?

7) Did they plan her so called wedding?

8) Is it their fault that she’s married to a loser who looks as if he hasn’t bathed in 2 years?

I mean seriously, how and why do you get so mad at the paparazzi and blame them for her actions when most of these flaws are Britney’s own doing. The only thing you can blame the paparazzi for is the fact that they stalk her all the time while she’s doing the most casual things, she doesn’t deserve to be followed around like that. But how can you say that nobody celebrates for her positive points, when for the most part all she ever does is do more publicity stunts? And how can you say that she says nothing about her private life, while she uses her private moments for a TV shows, and bares everything about it? If she had more positive points than bad, then why can’t she prove it instead of constantly trying to do another stupid publicity stunt? I mean c’mon now, isn’t this girl a grown woman now? Some of you are acting as if she’s some child, and the paparazzi is the mother that clothes her and tells her what to do, and is responsible for EVERY action she does. At the end, you can’t get mad when Britney has the every power and opportunity to come out and prove people that she isn’t trailer trash, that she’s actually a nice, clean, respectful, and down to earth person. But does she do it? No. So don’t go on telling us that it’s our fault, or the media’s fault that she gets negative attention, while she seems to do nothing but make her image look more and more degrading. Don’t get mad at us, get mad at Britney for not revealing the positive attention that you want her to show.

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