The Green Children Are Pleased To Fit An Undefined Genre

The Green Children

Milla Sunde of spoke with Holywood Dame about how she’d describe the sound of the duo’s music:

Although many people like to define music by category, our music has so far not been placed. Personally I have been pleased by this undefined musical observation. Who wants to be typecast anyway? Marlow and I have basically played written and produced every thing on our record so the sound will naturally be derived from who we are as individuals. We have both grown up in magical small towns blessed by exiting history and natural beauty. We humbly hope that these elements have been well reflected in our music and wish for our listeners to be taken on a magical journey. I believe a short description of our sound would be ethereal electro pop. One recent review said we were a new more new-agey La Roux, but who knows!

The complete interview at has since been removed.

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