The Honest Truth About Mariah Carey’s Numbers

Contributed by JanayaNumba1Stunna:

This is in response to the negative item I read here on I don’t exactly like Mariah Carey, so those of you out there really can’t call me a fan, because I don’t admire a thing about this woman, with the exception of her voice, because it’s very nice. I hope this article will take care of the alleged “skepticism” so many of Pop Dirt’s faithful following has about ‘Charmbracelet’, because I for one am sick of all the talk about it. Last week, I took advantage of the offer an on again/off again fan made to any non-fans to contact Mariah’s label, and three other labels that monitor the competition their acts have to face on the charts. Island/Def Jam, Jive, Columbia, and Warner Brothers were more than happy to supply me with the information. What I found was both discouraging and suprising at the same time. Mariah’s ‘Charmbracelet’ is holding steady at an average of 21,500+ each week, and currently is at 831,020 (US figures only, Warner Brothers, Def Jam) in its ninth week. On the international scale, ‘Charmbracelet’ has sold nearly three million copies, and is currently at 2.37 million copies (Columbia, Jive, DefJam) in its ninth week. According to reps at Columbia, Warner Brothers, and Def Jam, this is a healthy upturn for Mariah Carey. ‘Charmbracelet’ is right on target according to Def Jam, so apparently they had low expectations of the album. I’d like to thank MariahBasher for his post, because without it, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to send my thoughts in. The item MariahBasher posted here on gave me the extra push I needed to do this. In conclusion, I believe my “research” is far more credible, because I actually put in the effort to obtain the truth.

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