The Hundred In The Hands ‘Pigeons’ Video

The Hundred in the Hands are out with the music video to their new single ‘Pigeons’, off the Brooklyn avant pop duo’s forthcoming debut album, out 21st.

Jason Friedman said of the Daniels directed video’s central character, “She’s drifting between weekends with her friends in the city center. There’s dirty pigeons wandering around. In the city, even the birds are filthy. She sneaks out the house. She’s got a crush and they hook-up but she’s doing it more out of boredom and he’s doing it because he’s a teenage boy. It’s like a looped narrative, every weekend, the same thing. She makes mistakes, possibly very, very bad mistakes but she’s always in control. She’s smarter than most of the people she meets. Up on the roof she looks at the city and the pigeons flying in circles above and wonders why don’t they just fly away?”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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