The Irony Of Hypocrisy… Ain’t It Funny?

Contributed anonymously:

It was a Saturday Night Live night in New York and, while visiting my parents I turned on the TV. Suddenly, Janet Jackson pops up performing her new song, which by the way I love. Then, I notice something… “Is she lip-synching (Oh my God, I just said the sinful word that represents a sinful act!) on SNL?”

Well, she did… Uhmm… And not one, but both of her songs! Now my question is, why is no one complaining here???? Strange that when Britney did the same, and performed to ME AGAINST THE MUSIC, and sang EVERYTIME, live, you all tried to put her down. You blamed her for lip-synching one song in a show that should be live. SACRILEGE! Meanwhile, Janet Jackson lip-synching to both of her songs! OUTRAGEOUS, ISN’T IT?

I think Janet that night proved the point I made in an essay a few days ago. Britney has influenced so many artists. Like I said, the video to her song DON’T STOP is so Britney. The song is so Britney. If you notice, Janet has 2 or 3 of Britney’s dancers with her!!! And not just that, her presentation in SNL was so a la Britney Spears in her cabaret show of OOPS and BABY. Uhmmm.

I wonder what you are all going to say now. And yes, Britney might not be the first doing a cabaret theme, but is the most recent. That stays in your mind; pops in your mind when you see someone doing it. Specially Janet who I thought would get a little creative and original.

Seeing Janet in SNL and NY Pier was like seeing Britney. Not a bad thing though, but strange. It’s nice to know that Britney has influenced so many artists out there. ;)

(Watch the haters come and hate now… lol. Where are Britney’s haters at? lol!)

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