The Jonas Brothers Talk With WGN-TV

WGN-TV’s Dean Richards caught up with the at a recent visit to a Chicago area elementary school, where the sibling trio performed a surprise concert for the kids. They talked about the new album, their summer camp Camp Rock, and their “living the dream” chant.

Asked what it was like coming off the ‘Hannah Montana’ tour, Joe said, “It’s definitely exciting going from an arena tour to another arena tour. It makes you really happy to say that you can sell out your own arenas. Everyday you wake up and you can’t believe it’s actually happening. You’re waiting to wake up, but it’s really cool. We’re really excited.”

Asked what “living the dream” means to them, Nick said, “I guess it’s our slogan and basically what it means is that we know we’re living a lot of people’s dreams and just the fact that we get to do that is unbelievable. We love what we’re doing and we want to continue to do it. We have this chant we do before we go on stage every night and it’s living the dream.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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  1. courtney says:

    hi Jonas Brothers
    I am in calgary
    and I love you guys and I have all your poster
    on my wall at home too.

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