The Madonna vs. Mariah Fan Feuds Must Stop

Madonna 'Madonna'

Contributed anonymously:

I have been viewing this site for several years now….. I truly believe that the constant bickering and squabbling between and fans must stop. It’s absolutely terrible and completely pointless.

While I am a die-hard fan, I truly believe that Mariah Carey is an extremely talented artist in her own right. She has a beautiful voice and has been at the top of her game since her debut in the early 1990s. This site seems to have many many Mariah Carey fans. What is the purpose of fighting and arguing over two artists? Both are extremely successful and talented. Madonna relayed much more on her image to reach a wide medium… Her career and MTV go hand-in-hand. MTV and Madonna are somewhat of a symbiosis. She really was the first young woman to use blatant sexuality which was viewed by all of the world. No one had ever seen a young woman doing these type of things on television.

Like it or not, no one can deny the phenomenal iconic capacity that the two of these woman have reached. They are both completely different, which is clearly displayed in the developments of their careers.

Why don’t we all just stop fighting about it? What’s the point in fighting? Seriously guys, there is no reason at all to argue, we have the whole world to be mad at…. Or we could all just pent all our anger towards George W. Bush, that would be the best thing to do!

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5 thoughts on “The Madonna vs. Mariah Fan Feuds Must Stop

  1. MARKUS says:


    well what you said does make sense, after all in 2008 year end, e=mc2 was listed with 1.9mil, but I don’t think it sold enough to bring it to 2.5mil yet, so probably 2.2 to 2.3mil I guess.

    and yes I calculated Madonna’s too (i started calculating artists’ sales because I wanted to compare both of them anyway lol)

    1980s: 71,000,000
    – Madonna: 9,000,000
    – Like A Virgin: 20,000,000
    – True Blue: 21,000,000
    – Who’s That Girl: 4,500,000
    – You Can Dance: 4,500,000
    – Like A Prayer: 12,000,000

    1990s: 70,500,000
    – I’m Breathless: 5,500,000
    – The Immaculate Collection: 25,000,000
    – Erotica: 5,500,000
    – Bedtime Stories: 6,500,000
    – Something to Remember: 7,000,000
    – Evita: 6,500,000
    – Ray Of Light: 15,000,000

    2000s: 37,300,000
    – Music: 11,000,000
    – GHV2: 6,000,000
    – American Life: 3,500,000
    – Remixed & Revisited: 1,000,000
    – Confessions On A Dance Floor: 8,500,000
    – I’m Going To Tell You A Secret: 1,000,000
    – The Confessions Tour: 1,300,000
    – Hard Candy: 3,500,000
    – Celebration: 1,500,000

    2010s: 400,000
    – Sticky & Sweet Tour: 400,000 (thus far)

    Total: 179,700,000

    as for singles, I calculated up till celebration (revolver not included), its about 118million.

    therefore adding up both album and single sales, would give around 298 million, which is roughly on track with the leaked ifpi top selling artists list in 2005 before confessions on a dance floor was released. I can’t find the link anymore. they placed her at 4th position behind The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, with sales of 275 million. plus all albums from confessions and after, its already over 290 million. adding in singles sales, it would be slightly over 300 million.

    Guinness slightly deviates from calculated album sales. in 2001 Madonna is listed as selling 120 million album in the records book. adding her sales thereafter, it would be around 160 million albums sold by now, an 18 mil difference from mine, but tallying her singles sales too, should also be around 290 million records sold.

    so there you have it, Madonna’s sales is in the range of 280 to 310 million, distancing herself a 100 million in sales away from Mariah Carey. Madonna, the true best selling female artist of all time.

    I don’t think Mariah Carey fans can turn this around, the difference is too huge and def jam agrees Mariah only sold 175 million. all they can harp on now is Mariah being given the best selling female artist of the millennium at the world music award in 2000, which is actually because Madonna didn’t reply to WMA’s letter, so they gave it to the next most deserving artist.

    As for other artists, the only ones I calculated are (album sales only): Britney Spears 70 million, Celine Dion 160 million, Michael Jackson 205 million

  2. MUSIC LOVER says:

    Hey,why do you still fight ,Madonna’s fans and lambs ? What’s the problem now,as all of you know and say that Madonna is the best selling female artist of all times ( Mariah is the second best selling female artist ? ) You shouldn’t still fight as there is any real reason for this now ! Madonna sold 200 million albums and 70 million singles,Mariah Carey sold 180 million albums and 56 million singles ( 31 million in US and 25 million in the rest of the world ).What’s the problem ? Both are icons and legends,even though one of them is greater than the other.I am a die-hard Madonna fan ,nevertheless I love both and I know the 2 women are phenomenal and incredibly successful !
    Let’s try to estimate their respective sales worldwide on our own :
    Madonna’s album sales ( approximately ) in :
    -USA : 64,5 million
    -Europe : 62,5
    -Asia : 20
    -Canada :18
    -Oceania :15
    -Latin America :10
    -Africa : 6
    Global sales worldwide : 200 million
    200 million albums + 70 million singles = 270 million records sold

    Mariah’s albums sales ( approximately ) :
    -USA : 63,5 million
    -Asia : 45
    -Europe : 32
    -Oceania : 13,5
    -Canada : 13
    -Latin America : 8,5
    -Africa : 5
    Global sales : 180 million
    180 million albums + 56 million singles = 236 million records sold
    You see ? they surpass all others female artists .

    Celine Dion sales worldwide :
    -USA : 52,5 million
    -Europe : 50
    -Asia : 25,5
    -Canada : 15
    -Oceania : 10
    -Latin America : 5
    -Africa : 5

    = 201 million records sold ( 171 million albums + 30 million singles )
    Whitney Houston =180 million records sold ( 140 million albums + 40 million singles )
    Cher = 140 million records sol 105 million albums and 35 million singles
    -Markus,don’t say that Mariah sold 175 million albums & singles anymore ,You’ll just make lambs insult you. We also know that this number is incorrect,otherwise,Mariah wouldn’t be the best selling artist of the 1990’s.So,don’t provoke lambs.
    -Trish,don’t insult Madonna,nor say Mariah sold 200 million albums,we know that she sold 180 million albums ( I am objective and just say the truth ).
    Madonna and Mariah rules on sales worldwide,both are queens ( though Madonna got most subjects and most power ).
    Madonna is the queen of Pop,Mariah Carey is the queen of R&B .I hope Everybody Madonna’s and MC’s respective fans ) is satisfied now and won’t find again.

  3. DERED says:

    Madonna sold 200 million albums worldwide,Mariah Carey sold 195 million ones.

  4. theroofsituation says:

    Celine Dion.
    usa.51.1 according to Soundscan and 4 million according BMG clubs.
    total 61.500.000
    so under-certified.
    mariah 63.000.000 certifications.
    according to Soundscan .53.000.000 plus 3.000.000 according BMG clubs.
    plus 4.000.000 before Soundscan era.
    60.000.000 only
    falling into you sold 11.786.000 plus 987.000 through bng has been certified 11x and
    music box with 7.160.000 and 750.000 10x.
    and Celine Dion outsold Mariah in Europe, Canada,ocean and Africa.
    in Australia according to the real certifications Celine kills Mariah.
    in Africa falling into you is the best selling album by female artist with more than 650.000 copies sold.
    in New Zealand Celine wins easily.see the certifications.
    in Europe Celine has sold 56.878.000 copies and Mariah 28.000.000 box was big hit there.the rest of her albums used to sell 1 or 2 million only.

    and in Latin America I don’t believe that Mariah outsold Celine at all.same sales there.besides there are not reliable sources there.only speculations.
    in Canada has sold 17.000.000 albums,singles and DVDs.
    live in Las Vegas sold 450.000 which means 45x platinum.holds the record for the best selling music DVD ever there.
    in the USA Celine’s sales are 61.000.000 and Mariah’s are 67.000.000.album sales.
    singles sales
    Mariah 32.000.000
    Celine 13.400.000

    worldwide Celine wins with 185.000.000 album sales
    and 48.000.000 single sales.
    Mariah 145.000.000 album sales
    60.000.000 single sales
    so Celine to me has sold more.according to my research .
    Thank you.

  5. theroofsituation says:

    let’s talk about love vs music box
    according wiki music box sold 32.000.000
    let’s talk about love 31.000.000

    let’s see.

    music box

    USA.10xdiamond in 1997.(10.000.000)#1(8weeks)
    Soundscan.7.160.000 BMG clubs 750.000
    available in independent stores no official results.
    Latin America.
    1.500.000 speculations.big hit in Brazil
    the only big market there.
    Argetina and Mexico follow

    Europe 7x(7.880.000)#1(11weeks)
    Asia 5.400.000
    ocean 1.000.000
    Australia.11x 770.000#1(18weeks)
    New Zealand 5x 75.000

    Africa 600.000
    South Africa 2x 100.000.

    let’s talk about love.

    Canada.1.800.000.over 1.000.000 sold during the first 3’s the fastest certified diamond album ever in history of Canadian music

    USA #1(1week)10xdiamond.Soundscan 9.460.000 plus BMG 1.111.000.
    available in independent stores. I don’t believe that ltal less copies than music box in the independent way.let’s talk about love stayed at #2 17 weeks.

    10x diamond the best selling ever album by a female artist.received multiple platinum certifications .

    #1(5weeks) 6x 420.000
    New Zealand
    #1 9x 135.000

    South Africa 4x 200.000
    total sales 1.250.000

    Latin America
    2.000.000 at least.

    Japan. 1.700.000


    music box outsold let’s talk about love in Asia and ocean only
    let;s talk about love outsold music box in. Europe, Canada, USA, Africa and Latin America.

    music box 27_28 million the maximum
    let’s talk about love 32.324.000 at least.
    thank you.

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