The Mega Facko Aguilero

Contributed by MusicHomme:

It is truly amazing how much fans are willing to stick up for their favorite artist, and believe in ridiculous excuses despite the obvious facts.

has cancelled her summer tour and once again, she blamed it on some vocal chords problems. But didn’t her last tour ended a long time ago? Furthermore, there were many breaks in between those tour stops that her voice would be able to recuperate. All artists have to go on tour but when was the last time someone cancelled THE ENTIRE TOUR for vocal chord problems? So, is Christina the ONLY person singing live in the world? She has used this excuse before. It’s time for her to be more creative with her lies.

Christina is so irregular with what she says and what she does, it is possible that she has 5 different personalities living just in those silicone-enhanced boobs of her. The same girl that sang feminist songs like “Can’t Hold Us Down” is also the same girl that fought with every major female pop stars – Pink, Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Osbourne, Madonna and even Janet Jackson. How is it possible? This is the “enlightened” person who said , “You are beautiful no matter what they say” Maybe, the other female artists should be singing that to her.

Christina represents USA in terms of racial composition. Don’t believe me? Let me break it down for you. When she first came out, she’s whiter than Barbara Streisand and Barry Manilow put together. Then the latin wave came and Christina turned Latina with ‘Mi Reflejo’ Do you fans know that she can’t even speak rudimentary Spanish? Then the Latin wave subsided, and now she’s conveniently African American with the desperate white girl want to be black mama ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’. How have someone so intend on jumping on bandwagon even dare to say the word “originality”?

Christina’s music is a compilation of Pink, Britney, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. ‘Dirrty’ is ‘I’m A slave 4 U’ done in the classic street hooker style. ‘Fighter’ is rip off of Destiny Child’s Survivor. ‘Impossible’ sounded like Alicia Key’s reject shop while ‘Beautiful’ and ‘A Voice Within’ is Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’.

Listen! While she’s getting rich, her fans are just getting silly. However, despite all this, Christina has achieved something, that is, to give the word “fake” a brand new meaning. No, I am not only talking about her new boobs, but the entire package. Bravo! Christina!

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