The Myth Of Britney Jeans Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

may be fooling the entire world, but she’s not working her magic on me. I cannot remember looking at more trashy looking pictures of any other celebrities in the past year than Britney and topping it off with the video, My Prerogative with her writhing on her bed again, it is just too easy to write her off as another goner.

The squeaky clean Britney came out as everyone’s dream girl, but with the Rolling Stone magazine with her posing with her shirt wide open in a crib, Britney Spears has started the illusion. thrived in an era where women were still pressured to be chaste and docile, and coming out as an empowered call girl has given her an irresistible sales pitch. Britney Spears on the other hand, exists in an age where virginity is scorned and crudeness and vacant feminism triumphs. And thus, Britney came out vulnerable, ambiguous and playful.

No one thought that Madonna would make it, but she defiantly proved them wrong, and if they pointed at her musical evolution, no major changes happened prior to “Ray Of Light” when the world finally nodded at her talent. No one think that Britney would make it, but she has stubbornly kept their eyes on her. When she sang “Oops, I Did It Again”, she cooed sexily, “I am not innocent” and then followed it up with a striptease in VMA. Her still virginal copy cats also quickly followed up with hilarious videos like the hard core porn “Dirrty” or doing music as boring as a third rate a la “Complicated” .

Then, Britney followed it up with a “confessional” album with I am not a girl, not yet a woman, and people were once again wondering if she was hinting about her “hymen” status, but she said that she did say that she was “overprotected” !! Like Goldilocks tied high up in a tower? Britney wanted people to believe that she was drifting around, looking for an answer but she clearly was enjoying herself. Is it a coincidence that her peers all released their own brand of personal albums, with varying degrees of severity?

With “In the Zone”, Britney virtually panted and heaved right after a sexually charged night, but she chooses to end her album with a haunting and honest, “Everytime” In her video, instead of apologizing to a lover, she said her sorry to herself.

So, the final question to ask and to be answered is why is Britney Jeans Spears contented to be so damn elusive, unreal and contradictory? The answer is because you will continue to watch and listen, trying to figure out how much she really has, and argue how much more she doesn’t. She will continue to sell sex, no only because it’s working but also because it makes you angry and agitated. She will never veer to the extremes where everything is obvious and boring like her peers who turned valley girl for one album but reverted to a porn queen/ feminist in another! Managers come and go, publicity agencies are signed up and dropped but ultimate the world’s greatest manufactured product stays and who is the manufacturer of this product but Britney Jeans Spears herself.

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