The Mythology Of Britney Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

I find it hard to believe the arguments related to on this site.

ARGUMENT NO. 1. Britney has it all. She can sing, dance, act and write music and is beautiful.
While I agree this is a matter of opinion- she doesn’t have to have a voice like Mariah or Whitney to be classified as a singer- STILL she doesn’t know how to USE the little voice she has and how do you know she can actually sing? She lip syncs most of her songs in concerts, when she does sing a couple of ballads she sounds awful and is shaky so obviously her vocals have been majorly tweaked in the record studio. Isn’t she supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL SINGER?
On another note, I think she even gave rise to a new term “piano-syncing”.

Yes she can dance, I’ll give her that- but the quality of the choreography has gone down a hell of a lot the last couple of years and her dancers did most of the work in the Onyx Hotel Tour- Britney just looked tired.
She can act? HA! Did you watch Crossroads? An abysmal film and she didn’t really act, she just stared into space when she was required to emote.
She can write music. Um, she doesn’t produce, meaning she doesn’t write the melodies and the lyrics are the work of someone who is an idiot and poorly educated.
Beautiful? Um, look at the real life pictures.

ARGUMENT NO. 2- Britney is not a slut, Christina is!
Actually, neither of them are sluts. A slut is someone who sleeps around, not someone who is scantily clad on a magazine cover. Christina Aguilera has had successive medium-term to long-term boyfriends and Britney is the one who is seen with different flings, even ones who are married or have a partner and the partner is heavily pregnant!

ARGUMENT NO. 3- It doesn’t matter what critics, “haters” think, it’s what the fans think!
To a large degree I think that’s true. Nobody has to call people stupid for liking Britney’s music and the die hard fans will probably always buy her music BUT I do think that those who huge fans of Britney are superficial. How can you pay to see someone dance around and not sing live?

ARGUMENT 4: Britney has no control over her career.
This has to be the biggest fallacy of them all, IMO. You think she is a puppet for Jive? You think she isn’t aware of this virgin/whore dichotomy she embodies? Ha! I think it’s funny how Britney fans make excuses for her behavior such as lip syncing (“Jive won’t let her sing live”), she’s a 22 year old so she should be able to be assertive and take control of her career- she’s been doing this for 5 years now.

Britney is nothing but a well-marketed product and a pox on the music industry. She might last but she will not be leaving an artistic legacy. In other words, she blows :)

BTW I am not a member of this site.

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